Credit: Zusik

Zusik is hands down my new favorite restaurant in the West Village and one that I’ll be going back to over and over again as the months progress. It’s hard for me to even write this right now as I wish I was back there enjoying the bevy of traditional and Korean fusion dishes that they provide. Seriously.

Zusik, located on W. 14th street between 7th and 8th avenue, showcases a wonderful array of dishes that are nothing short of absolutely mouthwatering.

Zusik is helmed by Executive Chef/Co-Owner Yurum Nam, who aims to inspire and intrigue diners with classic Korean dishes and new unique fusion spins with nods to France, Italy and the U.S.

Chef Nam has inspired me in the process after the food coma they supplied us with at a recent tasting. The menu is done tapas style with a variety of delicious cocktails to enjoy.

Credit: Zusik

Everything I’m about to list is a standout, so please order these the next time you are inside Zusik. First of all, their Seafood Pancake (pan fried, shrimp, calamari, scallion, vegetables, homemade mayo, sweet soy sauce) is ABSURDLY DELICIOUS! I never order pancakes like this and now I have a reason to as the flavor in each bite was extraordinary.

I also need to highlight their Seafood Stew (spicy creamy clam broth, little neck clam, baby clam, shrimp, calamari, assorted vegetables), which I would use as a pool to swim and eat in. Stews are meant to be hearty and filling, and this one did that without being too overpowering in the spicy area. This will be the perfect dish to enjoy when the weather gets colder as well.

Credit: Zusik

Another option worth biting into is their Mushroom Japche (sautéed, glass noodle, king oyster mushroom, enoki mushroom, assorted vegetables). I’m not the biggest mushroom fan however Chef Nam converted me into a believer as each one they provided had their own flavor and texture that was unique and flavorful.

Bottom line: go. Seriously go. The West Village has found its new foodie god and its name is Zusik.

For more information on Zusik, please check out their official website here.