ICHIRAN’s Times Square location on West 49th Street is a ramen experience that is truly unique in the Big Apple.

ICHIRAN, billed as Japan’s top tonkotsu ramen restaurant and solo dining experience, recently opened its new space after having success in its Brooklyn and Midtown locations.

This is not your average restaurant. It’s designed for the solo lunch enthusiast in mind as a way to get you in there, fill your belly up with delicious ramen, and get you out in a short time frame all while having a great experience in between.

Here’s how it goes. They seat you in your own individual booth that provides a more private and peaceful meal. From here you can ring the bell and order what you like, food and drink, from a waiter/waitress on the other side the wooden divider.

They they come back and serve you with the divider up before it goes down again. It’s fascinating for the people who don’t want to be bothered by anyone, even the staff (who are friendly regardless).

ICHIRAN’s ramen is quite delicious. I could swim in the bowls that they provided to me and my friend when I went in for a recent tasting. Their Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bones based broth with sliced pork belly on top) hits the spot for anyone who enjoys this tasty delicacy.

They also provide you with a bevy of side options like a soft boiled egg, dried seaweed, extra garlic and more to enhance what is already something really tasty.

Save room for dessert as their Matcha Pudding (Japanese style pudding with a sweetened green tea base) is a great way to end the meal. It’s a fabulous way to end a meal with something that doesn’t kill your taste buds with sweetness.

For more information on ICHIRAN, please check out their official website.