Credit: THEP

THEP is one of the tastiest Thai restaurants that exists in the Upper East Side… and perhaps New York City. The indoor/outdoor hotspot just launched a yummy new spring and summer menu that is packed with enough spice and flavor to leave you feeling satisfied once the meal is over.

THEP, located on the corner of 2nd avenue and 75th street, doesn’t need to do too much in order to keep their customers happy.

Credit: THEP

The concept there, from what I gather after dining with a friend recently, is simple. Provide top quality northern Thai food for the masses to enjoy in a comfortable and visually stunning setting.

We decided to enjoy our meal al fresco in the warm New York City weather on a rather blah Thursday evening recently. The menu that THEP served was jam packed with mouthwatering items that were excellent from start to finish.

Something to dine on, if you are really hungry or feel the need to split with other people, is their Gigantic Pad Thai with Lobster Tail. It is HUGE! MASSIVE! But amazingly delicious. The option is presented in a large golden bowl with beetroot infused vermicelli noodles, egg, bean sprouts, chives, stir fried in a savory palm sugar tamarind sauce, with an oven baked lobster tail and individual condiments of shredded mango, ground peanuts and lime.

This is no joke. This is a game changer. This has left me feeling remorseful that I don’t have any more left after dining on the leftovers for a day or two (insert sad emoji face here). It’s that good.

Credit: THEP

Other new items from their curated spring/summer menu that are worth the try and then some are:

Summer Roll (thinly sliced carrots, beet, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, basil, cilantro and edible yellow flowers, served with house-made hoisin dipping sauce)

Watermelon Furikake (diced watermelon topped with brown sugar, sesame and bonito flakes)

THEP Crab Fried Rice (served in a hollow coconut stuffed with jasmine rice, onion, scallion, egg and jumbo lump crab meat with soft shell crab tempura placed on top)

Outside of the new menu there are stellar options that are available year round for you to devour. Recommended items include their Pork Bun (Five Spices and XO Wine Braised Pork Belly, Pickled Daikon and Carrots, Hoisin Sauce and Garnished with Cilantro) and Pork Belly (Five Spices and XO Wine Braised Pork Belly, Steamed Chinese Broccoli, Soft Boiled Egg Over Steamed Jasmine Rice. Served with Our Special Sauce Pour Table Side). It’s a pork extravaganza and I. Am. Here. For. It.

Credit: THEP

Overall THEP is the bomb and a great place for you to stop by if you want to experience the best of the best in this kind of cuisine.

For more information on THEP, click here.