Szechuan Mountain House
Credit: Szechuan Mountain House

My mouth is still deliciously burning from the incredible amount of heat that Szechuan Mountain House provides in every single item they prepared for us.

Szechuan Mountain House has two different hotspots located across the New York City area. One is far and away in Flushing while the other is a lot closer to where I live in the East Village.

Credit: Szechuan Mountain House

I stopped by there last week with a friend to experience all they have to offer. It went beyond the food as the atmosphere, look and professionalism of the staff made our time there that much more incredible.

Their East Village space, located at 23 St. Marks Pl, is situation one floor above ground level. You are immersed into an area that transports you out of New York City and into the beautiful country of China with its seating arrangements, colorful wall patterns and so much more.

The food at Szechuan Mountain House is superb and quite possibly some of the best cuisine I’ve had in ages. This is the type of stuff that is not for the weak when it comes to heat as previously mentioned. Many of the items I tried burned but did it in a really beautiful way that I’m still dreaming about all these days later.

Credit: Szechuan Mountain House

Let’s start cold. Their Sliced Pork Belly with Chili Dipping Sauce is visually fun to look at and that much better to taste. Take your pork belly and cucumber, dip it into the sauce, and be amazed by its taste. A great way to start the meal off.

Something I was really impressed by, for one of their main dishes, was their Fried Rice with pineapple, pea, sausage and seafood. What made this even better was that it was served inside a carved out pineapple! Adorable. And yes, all of this tasted so well together with the pineapple getting points for adding freshness to this tasty dish.

Credit: Szechuan Mountain House

Two other items worth noting are their Cabbage and Pork and Spicy Prawns. This is where the heat hits you like a sack of bricks but you CAN’T STOP EATING! I’m not one for cabbage, I usually only have it on St. Patrick’s Day, but their version with the pork was downright tasty! Same thing for the prawns as it’s my favorite kind of seafood. Hot, very hot, but worth every freaking bite.

If you find yourself in the East Village area then definitely check out Szechuan Mountain House for some of the best food you’ll have this summer and beyond.

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