Junior's Restaurant
Credit: Junior's Restaurant

Today is a day of epic proportions. It is a day to celebrate one of the best desserts out there: Cheesecake! July 30th is National Cheesecake Day, and the one place you must stop at in New York City to enjoy this tasty bit of heaven is Junior’s Restaurant on 49th Street.

Junior’s is known for their cheesecake but they also have an amazing menu that is equally as delicious and impressive. You can indulge in diner favorites from their decadent Grilled Cheese (yes Grilled Cheese can be decadent), Reuben Egg Rolls, amazing sandwiches and so much more.

National Hamburger Day
Credit: Junior’s Restaurant

Their 49th street location is offering something interesting yet OMG so amazing to celebrate National Cheesecake Day.

It is their Key Lime Cake Shake (pictured above). This shake is made with Junior’s delicious Twice Baked Key Lime Cheesecake which sits a top a Vanilla Milkshake and is finished with Whipped Cream and Pineapple Sauce Drizzle. Color me sold, folks.

Credit: Junior’s

Click on this link for more info on Junior’s and stop on by today for the big occasion!