Croton Reservoir Tavern
Credit: Croton Reservoir Tavern

Times Square is an area that us Manhattanites tend to avoid due to the onslaught of tourists that are there year round. Luckily there are a couple of places worth checking out in the most visited place in the world that provide an element of escape from how busy this place can be. One of those spots is Croton Reservoir Tavern, which provides a wonderful dining and dishing experience for every person that comes inside.

Croton is located steps away from Bryant Park on W. 40th between 6th and 7th avenue. The space has two floors, each with its own purpose of sorts.

The main floor is more for the people who are hungry and want to chow down on their American cuisine that is nothing short of absolutely scrumptious. The downstairs portion of Croton is more for the drinking and after hours crowd who want to sip on some delicious cocktails while unwinding from their busy day.

Credit: Croton Reservoir Tavern

Croton has been open since 2003, which in NYC restaurant years equals about 70. The success from their location is founded by a couple of very noticeable things that me and my friend was aware of when we dined there a couple of weeks ago.

For one, the menu is simple and approachable without too many bells and whistles that come with. I’ll break down the perfect meal to get there, from beginning to end. Keep in mind that you need to be very hungry in order to enjoy each and every dish.

Start with their Lobster Bisque. It’s heavenly and will be a perfect dish to try when the colder weather hits. I’m very particular about this option as it needs to have a level of thickness that I find some restaurants prepare on a thinner level. Croton’s version is fab and a great way to start the meal.

Credit: Croton Reservoir Tavern

Their Bavarian Pretzel is the perfect appetizer. Big, fluffy and hearty with a side of beer cheese sauce. Sold!

Credit: Croton Reservoir Tavern

To finish the meal I would recommend trying their Handcraft Mac & Cheese as it is out of this world good. Shells, gruyere, asiago, slab bacon, kale, bread crumbs and scallions. That’s all the ingredients in this dish that marry each other so beautifully well. Want to upgrade it? Add shrimp like I did and you’ll be having a culinary fiesta in your mouth ASAP.

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