Credit: Le Petit Rooster
Credit: Le Petit Rooster

Le Petit Rooster, a brand new restaurant in the Upper West Side that specializes in French cuisine, may just be one of the best I have ever eaten at in my years upon years of being a food writer.

Situated at 491 Columbus Avenue (between 83rd and 84th Street), Le Petit Rooster transports you from New York City to the streets of Paris in an instant with the bevy of French options available at your disposal.

The restaurant has a similar look to many like it in the Upper West Side. This area is sort of like the Goldilocks of New York City: not too small, not too big, but just right when it comes to size.

The seating and overall view of Le Petit Rooster reads an intimate with a touch of after hours if you prefer to sit at the gorgeous bar that greets you the moment you walk inside.

Credit: Le Petit Rooster

I cannot stress how wonderful the food at this place is. French cuisine has never been at the top of my totem pole when it comes to the kinds of food that I usually eat but thanks to Chef Alex Tobar I am now converted. Amen.

Let me show you what you should order the next time you find yourself here (which should be ASAP, mind you). First off, their French Onion Soup, which you can get or make anywhere, was stellar. Why? Because they add lardo, which only adds to the richness that this dish already provides. Easily the best soup I’ve had in a while and I can see this being a hit when the colder weather finally hits.

Meat options for their appetizers went over swimmingly for me and my gust that night. Their Duck Rillettes with cornichon relish and mustard was heavenly as was their Raclette & Ham Croquettes with cabbage, apple and bacon (a trio that is the French cuisine version of my all-time favorite girl group TLC). Both have a delectable flavor to them that hits you like a sack of bricks with each bite you take.

Credit: Le Petit Rooster

For their entrees, two words: scallops and ravioli. Their Summer Ravioli with ricotta, snow peas, lemon and cardamom, was described my by friend as the best she’s ever had… and she’s visited Italy in the past.

Their Scallops with wild fennel, olive and sauce rustique was just as incredible and proof that you don’t need a zillion ingredients to make something pop.

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