Credit: The Leroy House

The West Village is arguably one of the most beautiful areas in New York City, especially in the summertime. It has a relaxed and chill vibe to it that no other part of The Big Apple really encompasses. A hidden gem called The Leroy House, located on the deliciously wonderful Hudson Street, is a place you need to stop in as soon as possible.

The Leroy House is situated in an area that can only be described as heavenly. The inside of its location is just as beautiful as you feel as if you are in a restaurant that’s been around for decades. Fun fact: it’s only been open for a little while which is a testament to how well the design of its space was executed.

Intimacy is an easy word to use when dining there as everything from the beautiful lighting and tables to the luscious greenery that encompasses a portion of its space is evident from the moment that you walk inside. I’m leaning on using the word pretty in my description of how it looks, but that would not do it justice.

I was impressed with the variety of culinary options available within The Leroy House’s dinner menu. Their New American cuisine was seen throughout in their small plates, pastas, salads and fish and meat options that screamed delectable as I combed through their offerings.

Items that must be discussed included their Roasted Lemon Chicken with swiss chard, root vegetable purée, onion jus, their Bucatini Pomodoro with homemade tomato sauce, basil, extra virgin olive oil and finally their Olive & Pepper Tapenade with maldon butter, demi-baguette.

Meat, pasta, appetizer. Flavor bursting out of each of them. I’m a sucker for a good chicken and when the skin is out of this world good and everything that goes with it is just as fabulous then you know you’re in for a good treat.

The Bucatini was prepared perfectly with its sauce being something I would buy if it came in jar form. And the Tapenade, as small as it could be, is something worth try for at least the amazing butter that goes along with it.

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