Credit: Raisa Aziz for CAVA

CAVA, one of the best fast-casual spots to go to in Manhattan for all things Mediterranean, has found a new home on Wall Street.

An elevated version of the term fast-casual has become all the rage here in New York City. Gone are the days where picking up fattening and heavy fast food is the norm. Manhattanites now want to spend their buck eating items that not only tasty good but are good for you as well.

CAVA, with multiple locations across the city, exemplifies this and then some. Now residents and employees in the Financial District will be able to dine on some of their tastiest items as their new location at 63 Wall Street (steps from the 2/3 line) opened recently.

Credit: Raisa Aziz for CAVA

Their delicious Mediterranean cuisine can be seen throughout its unbelievable menu. Everything from customizable salads, grain bowls and house-made juices are available at your disposal, causing a pick me up to occur on even the dullest of weekdays.

It is best to avoid the long lives at CAVA (their Wall Street location is already buzzing with endless customers within days of being open) and order online. The process is simple. You start with your base (salad, grain bowl, pita, etc) and your your way up.

Go as wild as you want over the next steps. Choose up to three dips and spreads including Roasted Red Peppers Hummus or Crazy Feta. Then pick your protein. The options here are plentiful and amazing like Braised Beef, Grilled Chicken and Spiced Lamb Balls. Then choose your toppings. Pickled Onions, Cabbage Slaw, Fresno Peppers and more are a great way to layer what is already an amazing item that you’ll eventually be devouring.

Credit: Raisa Aziz for CAVA

The food at CAVA is satisfying without making you overly filled. Also the flavor that is packed into their items is nothing short of absolutely splendid as you are able to taste every single thing that you ordered. Overall this is a great place to try the next time you are jonesing for something new for lunch.

For more information on CAVA, including where they are located throughout NYC, please check out their official website.