Credit: Areppas

Fast casual continues to be on the rise in New York City. Areppas, which specializes in mouthwatering Venezuelan cuisine, just opened a second location in Gramcery on Thursday, September 26, for the masses to enjoy.

Areppas’ new spot at 115 E. 23rd street is close to many subway stops in New York City as well as plenty of places to enjoy what they are providing you with at Madison Square Park and more.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Areppas opened a second location given what a hit their first one has been. Their Midown East space has been open for two years now and continues to provide the masses with Venezuelan inspired options that are nothing short of delicious.

The concept of Areppas is pretty straight forward. You walk in, get in line and brace yourself for some pretty tasty options that either come in bowl form or inside an Arepa, which is a corn pancake.

From here you can stuff your Arepa with everything from short rib to chicken to pulled pork and then bedazzle it with a variety of options including avocado, jalapeno, de mano cheese and more. The bowl options are just as plentiful as you start with a rice base and continue to add and add until you are satisfied with what is in front of you.

Areppas is also committed to giving back by feeding a hungry child in Latin America with every meal sold at Areppas through the UNA X UNA nonprofit.  As a result of the initiative, over 40,000 kids have received meals thus far.

This is a fantastic place to dine at if you are looking for an alternative to the bland salads and sandwiches we eat on a daily basis. Areppas’ cuisine will wake up your taste buds and get your through that busy work day with how much flavor is packed inside whatever you order.

Oh… please don’t forget to order their warm and amazing churros that are shoved inside a small helping of ice cream with coconut flakes dusted on top. You won’t be sorry!

For more information on Areppas, click here.