Credit: All Good NYC

I have been a fan of Dale Talde for many years, dating back to his time on Top Chef: Chicago and Top Chef: All Stars (where he was robbed on both, IMHO). The charismatic and charming culinary wizard, who has experienced a ton of success in the New York City area, just expertly opened a new space called Goosefeather in Tarrytown.

Credit: All Good NYC

Goosefeather is situated within the gorgeous Tarrytown House Estates (The King Mansion, specifically), which are easy to get to from NYC (Metro North to Tarrytown and a quick Uber right away). The property’s ambiance, which is nothing short of spectacular, only adds to the incredible food that Dale and his team are preparing for guests on a nightly basis.

Dale’s focus on Chinese cuisine, in particular his craftsmanship with noodles, dumplings and more, is simply extraordinary. He takes you out of the basic mindset of what many Americans deem this kind of food to be and elevate it to its exceptional potential with dishes that are superb beyond belief.

The Goosefeather team was kind enough to provide me and many other journalists with a tasting of their menu last week, and let me be very clear here: it was amazing. I’m still dreaming about some of the plates that we ate from all this time later.

Credit: All Good NYC

Highlights during the meal was his Dry-Aged Beef Potstickers (with Chinese Mustard-Horseradish), Imperial Style Chinese Broccoli and the Wild Mushroom Slippery Noodles. He also provided us with an over-the-top portion of lobster and shrimp that I would’ve had no problem dipping my head to and eating from if public decency wasn’t such an issue.

What blew me away from everything we ate, in particular the noodles, was the flavor Dale was able to extract from everything he prepared. The best part was that there was a considerable amount of heat to the food he made but nothing overpowered my palate or burned to the point where it was unappetizing. Each course stood its ground and made for an overall amazing meal that I could go back to over and over again.

Credit: All Good NYC

If you are heading to the Westchester area and need a great place to eat at then I would definitely recommend Goosefeather and all it has to offer.

For more information on Goosefeather, click here.