National Taco Day
Credit: Cantina Rooftop

Tacos are a delight to eat. They are yummy and filled with a variety of flavors that always make your taste buds happy (if they don’t, go see someone for help immediately). Plenty of spots in Manhattan will be honoring this culinary miracle during National Taco Day, taking place tomorrow, October 4.

Take a look at this yummy locations you should stop by for all things taco on Friday.

Credit: Cantina Rooftop

Cantina Rooftop: 605 W. 48th Street

Postpone Taco Tuesday and celebrate it Friday, October 4th with National Taco Day at Cantina Rooftop! Cantina Rooftop is celebrating with $25 Unlimited Tacos. Guests are able to choose any tacos from the menu for 90 minutes from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. For a group celebration wanting to go all out, enjoy their Insta-famous “Big Ass Taco” for $80.

Credit: Graham Pollack

Pinks Cantina: 203 Chrystie Street

National Taco Day is right around the corner and Pinks Cantina (203 Chrystie Street) is celebrating with $1 Tacos! Every taco, excluding Nitro Shrimp Taco and the Short Rib Barbacoa, will be only $1 from 5-6:30pm on Friday, October 4. Bring a friend and treat yo’selves to tacos that are less expensive than the subway fare down to the Lower East Side. Maybe one of your Tacos will have a golden ticket! No, not for entrance to the Chocolate factory. If you are lucky enough to find an edible golden ticket in your taco you could win free tacos, burritos, guacamole, and more.

Credit: Taco Dumbo

Taco Dumbo: Multiple Locations Across NYC

To celebrate National Taco Day, Taco Dumbo is offering 300 people in most New York neighborhoods (shown HERE) 2 free tacos on Friday, October 4th between 11AM-3PM*. All you need to do is text the Taco Dumbo Hotline (646) 768-8218 with your name, address and dietary requirements. Taco Dumbo will randomly select 2 tacos from their taco menu to be delivered (free of charge) to the address provided.

Also, for one day only, Taco Dumbo will be offering two exclusive taco inspired menu items – Rainbow Bites (Tiny Taco Soft Serve) & Tiny Taco Michelada (Michelada Garnish Drink). The taco inspired dessert and drink will be available on Friday, October 4th at all Taco Dumbo locations.

Credit: HandCraft Kitchen & Cocktails

HandCraft Kitchen: Cocktails: 357 Third Avenue

What better way to celebrate this food favorite and the beginning of the weekend that with $2 tacos and $8 margaritas at HandCraft Kitchen & Cocktails. Tacos (minimum order of three) come in choice of chicken or pulled pork, and are topped with grilled pineapple, red cabbage, cilantro and salsa verde.  The perfect chaser is a classic margarita.