Gnoccheria Wall Street
Credit: Gnoccheria Wall Street

The Financial District of Manhattan is one that is rarely seen as a hotspot for food. It’s usually a place that is filled with breakfast and lunch friendly options for the employees that surround it and generally becomes a dead zone after 5PM. Things may be changing, however, as Gnoccheria Wall Street is giving locals a reason to stay out past their bed time with its array of wonderfully crafted Italian options.

Gnoccheria Wall Street is a fabulous spot to look at. Located steps from many different subway lines (1, 2, 3, 6, R, W), its insides are chic and elegant and seem to go on forever. You also have the major highlight of viewing Manhattan from an elevated point of view as its main entrance sits on the 2nd floor.

The space is truly amazing to be in and works for many different settings including group gatherings and an intimate dinner for two. They also have a fabulous outdoor space that could easily be a great place to hold a holiday party or two at in the upcoming months.

Gnoccheria’s Italian cuisine is easily some of the best in Manhattan, and might be the greatest in FiDi (I would say that even if there were multiple selections to choose from).

The colorful owners flew in chefs directly from Italy, who, if I may be frank, know what the f they are doing in this genre. Authentic Italian food is amazing, its incredible and its what Gnoccheria serves to its audience on a daily basis (side note they just opened in September to a ton of fanfare).

Their menu rings true to many others as it starts with your Antipasti and works its way down to the Secondi before you devour a ton of their desserts like a tasty big slice of Raspberry Cheesecake.

I got to sample some of the items recently and was blown away by everything from the taste to the look and more. Their pizzas are out of this world good, with one called Bianca standing out from the rest (Buffalo Mozzarella, EVOO, Baby Arugula, Duck Proscuitto, Shaved Parmigiano). They even have a pizza, with, wait for it, LOBSTER! Their Aragosta comes with the seafood delicacy along with Buffalo Mozzarella, Confit Tomatoes, Black Pepper, Chives and Parmigiano Fondue. Keep in mind: this is pizza done right. It’s fresh out of the oven amazing and I wish I was there to eat more of it now.

If there is one item I beg of you to try… it is their gnocchi. I mean, the place is called Gnoccheria so naturally the gnocchi must be great right? Their chefs put so much flavor into each pillowy bite, not the mention the color that they get out of the dish that is downright incredible. Easily one of my favorite places I’ve been to for Manhattan Digest and I can’t wait to see what’s next for this sexy and amazing new hotspot.

More information Gnoccheria Wall Street can be found here.