Tsismis NYC
Credit: Tsismis NYC

The Lower East Side just got that much yummier thanks to the addition of Tsismis NYC on Orchard Street. Excelling in Filipino-American cuisine, this new spot is sure to be one that Manhattanites and its visitors will be flocking to in the upcoming months as its dishes and ambiance are simply off the hook.

Executive Chef/Owner and Jappy Afzelius (Chez Allard Bistro, Paris; Benoit Bistro, New York; David Burke Fabrick; and the Michelin Bib Gourmand Manila Social Club) takes his diverse culinary background and puts it into an incredible array of Filipino options that also have influences in Spain, France and other parts of Asia.

The space, much like many others in the Lower East Side, is moderately sized and perfect for an intimate gathering. I’m not much of a fan of the LES but Tsismis NYC’s relaxed vibe mixed with the food I couldn’t stop stuffing in my mouth may make me a fan after all.

Chef Jappy, who was nothing short of absolutely wonderful to meet when me and my friend went a couple of weeks ago, made sure to provide us with his outstanding dishes that came packed with a ton of creativity and flavor in each of them.

Here’s what you should order if you want the true Tsismis NYC experience. Jappy’s Wings, which comes with a hot mango salsa, is a perfect starter not only because of the delicious wings but the dipping option that adds a ton of heat but doesn’t burn your palate.

Their Pinsit Frito, otherwise known as fried pork dumplings, were simply divine as well. If you are looking for a hearty entree, try their Abobong Manok Dilaw, which is a roasted chicken in a tumeric sauce with smoked eggplant. The Filipino vibe in each is outstanding. Their chicken is perfectly cooked with the sauce only enhancing the beautifully done meat.

To finish, try the Fruity Halo Halo. It is such a peculiar but refreshing dessert that comes with tropical fruits, coconut sorbet and coconut juice. Simple yet very satisfying.

Chef Jappy really transports you to another world with his creations, and made for an overall incredible night that I can’t wait to go back for time and time again.

For more information about Tsismis NYC can be found here.