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It’s still very important to highlight any and all things culinary going on in New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic. Something worth taking a look into is this fantastic app called Woodspoon which brings tasty home-cooked chef-made meals to your door. Yum.

Credit: Woodspoon

The newly launched WoodSpoon app connects customers with New York City’s best home chefs to deliver delicious homemade food across Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.

So what is this fabulous app all about and why should you be interested? WoodSpoon is a new community-based, two-sided online platform that facilitates the process of ordering a variety of dishes from local cooks. The app’s respected lineup of chefs and home cooks are given a platform to share their culture and passion with others, creating an inclusive culinary experience for all.

Customers can order for immediate delivery or schedule ahead on WoodSpoon’s free mobile app for iOS and Android. Customers are provided with a quick, reliable delivery service from the chef’s kitchen, to their doorstep.

Credit: Woodspoon

Oren Saar, the Co-founder & CEO of WoodSpoon, officially launched the app this week after beta-testing it since the fall of 2019. Saar took his experiences working at Google and Boston Consulting Group after graduating from MIT, to create WoodSpoon, which has served over 3,500 diners since inception.

There are over 100 home chefs on the WoodSpoon app including Israel’s Bake-off winner Shay Golan, Xiomara and her husband Aiman Reyes, who was a noted chef in Tel-Aviv for over a decade, plant-based chef Rachel Hazen, Neapolitan culinary star Giuseppe Amato and Kevin Martinez who helms from the Dominican Republic and previously worked at Jean Georges and Nobu.

Credit: Woodspoon

Diverse dishes available for purchase range from Salmon Sushi Bowls and Challah Bread, to Shakshuka Baguettes, Chicken Quesadillas, and everything in between. WoodSpoon provides the opportunity to taste dishes as varied as a decadent Persian custard called Mahalabi and Tunisian Fricassee.

So, in conclusion, you have the option to order from a bunch of internationally known and beloved chefs who are going above and beyond to ensure that you have an incredibly tasty meal while you relax indoors. No brainer folks! No brainer indeed.

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