Credit: Brooklyn Chop House

Are you hungry? Getting tired of the same old take out you’ve been having for months now? Well its time to break free from that repetitive quarantine diet you’ve been in, head out (while abiding to the COVID-19 rules, of course), and make your way to these amazing restaurants for a one of a kind experience you will truly never forget.

Credit: Nerai

Nerai: 55 E. 54th Street 

Nerai is a staple here at Manhattan Digest as we cannot get enough of how absolutely scrumptious their Greek cuisine really is. They’ve also gone above and beyond (like the other restaurants listed below) when it comes to how gorgeous their outdoor dining seating in. The menu is nothing short of spectacular to gaze at as well as so many options will make your taste buds dance with every bite you taste. Official website here.

Standout dishes: Trio Spreads (tzatziki, hummus & spicy feta). Cretan Meatballs in a tomato ragu over herbed rice with manouri cheese. Shrimp Mikrolimano (Tiger shrimp in a tomato ragu with feta cheese. Seafood Orzotto (saffron orzo featuring octopus, shrimp, & mussels.)

Credit: Morgan’s BBQ

Morgan’s BBQ: 267 Flatbush Avenue 

I am not one to venture into Brooklyn that much but if the food is good… I’m there. Morgan’s BBQ, which is located steps away from the Bergen Street stop off the 2/3 train, really excels in making great, tangy and delicious barbecue. BBQ really isn’t a staple in NYC and its boroughs yet Morgan’s flips that thought process on its head with its mouthwatering options that is worth the trip and then some. Oh, and I beg of you: try their original barbecue sauce. The best I’ve ever had in my life. No joke.

The Consortium of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (Aceto Balsamico di Modena) has teamed up with Pitmaster and Executive Chef Cenobio Canalizo of Morgan‘s Brooklyn Barbecue to create a barbecue sauce recipe that highlights the versatility of Modenese balsamic vinegar from Europe. This is all fancy wordage for USE THIS WITH EVERYTHING YOU ORDER! Official website here.

Standout dishes: Smoked Wings with sauce on the Side. Brisket Nachos (Chopped brisket, pinto beans, shredded cheese, sour cream, scallion, pico de gallo, corn tortilla chips). Mexican Street Corn. Any, and I mean any, of the Smoked Meats. Smoked Bacon Mac.

Credit: Brooklyn Chop House

Brooklyn Chop House: 150 Nassau Street 

When you think of swanky you think of Brooklyn Chop House. The insides of this beloved FiDi establishment are truly incredible but the outside looks just as great (here’s hoping we can enjoy both very soon). This place takes what a steakhouse is and does a complete 180 by incorporating worldly ingredients that you wouldn’t normally see at a space like this. What’s even better is that it is an upbeat kind of location with music and a lively bunch of customers/staff who want to ensure that you will have a good time. Official website here.

Standout dishes: Pac Man Seafood Dumplings (filled with shrimp, lobster and scallop). Lamb “Gyro” Dumplings. Pastrami Dumplings. Yes, I am including a lot of dumplings because lordy THEY ARE GOOD. Sweet Black Bean Beijing Organic Chicken. Fried Rice For Two.

Credit: Salted. On The Harbor

Salted. On The Harbor: 14 Woodbine Avenue, Northport

There are many Manhattanites that head out to Long Island for the summer in places like Montauk and The Hamptons. One place worth stopping at that’s on the way is Salted. On The Harbor, located in one of the most beautiful towns in all of New York. Here you can unwind and relax while feasting on so many amazing Modern American kinds of dishes. What’s even better is that the picturesque harbor is seen in the distance which only enhances what a wonderful experience you will have! Official site here.

Standout dishes: Chicken Relleno Spring Rolls (roasted poblano, wild mushrooms, pepper jack cheese, avocado-tomato-corn salsa, cilantro-lime crema). Lawbsta Roll (spelled like a true Long Islandaaaaa. Chunky Maine lobster meat, celery, dressing, Bibb lettuce, buttered & toasted brioche long bun).