Carnegie Diner
Credit: Carnegie Diner and Cafe

Carnegie Diner & Cafe reeks of what New York City has been all about for decades. It’s a fabulous spot in a fabulous area with fabulous food that is incredible fabulous. Get my point?

Location, location, location plays a big part in picking out a restaurant for you and your friends to dine and dish at. Carnegie Diner & Cafe is truly in the middle of it all when it comes to being authentically NYC. It is steps away from Carnegie Hall, a block or two from The Shops at Columbus Circle and a quick train ride to Times Square. Essentially its in the middle of it all in a city that is still thriving regardless of what COVID has thrown at us.

Diners are unfortunately becoming extinct not only in The Big Apple but seemingly around the country. They are a simple and wonderful experience as you know its atmosphere even before you go in. It’s not a molecular gastronomy, Michelin Star, hoity toity kind of deal and that is A-OK for this writer.

Credit: Carnegie Diner and Cafe

Carnegie Diner & Cafe still brings it outside of the new norms that we’ve been seeing at many institutions. Its classic in a modern world with its decorum that includes a fabulous al fresco dining experience.

The food is superbly delicious. I grew up on places like this and know to come as hungry as possible before getting there to ensure that my taste buds are ready for what they have to provide.

You can’t really go wrong with what you order as it all tastes so freaking good. And yes, like any good diner, you can have breakfast at 8PM if you want. Go ahead, eat your heart out.

Credit: Carnegie Diner and Cafe

Here’s what I suggest as you should order. As it is the fall and we are about to get into freezing temperatures, try a bowl of their Chicken Noodle Soup. Simple, hot, yummy, tasty, gets the job done.

Next. Get a big ole bowl of their Chicken Wings with barbecue sauce smothered all over them. Put your bib on and destroy each wing with every tasty bite that goes into your mouth.

Notice how I’m sticking with classic dishes? That trend continues for the entree round. Their Pastrami Sandwich, with piles of the delicious meat wedged inside two pieces of rye bread with all the fixings, is what a diner is all about. Still craving that tasty dish all this time later.

For more information on Carnegie Diner & Cafe please check out their official website here.