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Veggie Grill is one of my most favorite places to eat in New York City and now I have a reason to be even more excited as they just introduced a delicious new item to its menu.

Fast casual restaurants have practically taken over NYC over the past couple of years. These locations are going beyond the typical & somewhat boring lunch grub by providing its customers with mouthwatering dishes that pack a ton of flavor but won’t break the bank. Win win situation here folks.

Veggie Grill, located on 23rd and 5th in Flatiron, is a great example of what an amazing fast casual place should be. Inside you will find an array of vegan and vegetarian options worth diving into.

They take away the stigma of this kind of food being bland by ensuring that each dish you eat, from their Buffalo Mini Wraps and Loaded Red Yams, will surely fill you up and satisfy you in every way possible from start to finish.

Now there’s even more reason to celebrate. Gathered Foods, makers of Good Catch® Plant-Based Tuna, just announced its partnership with Veggie Grill.

Now through the end of the year Veggie Grill will add a limited-edition exclusive Tuna Melt to the menu featuring Good Catch’s Plant Based Tuna,

This partnership is Good Catch’s first foray into restaurant service, with a larger expansion planned in the next few months. Good Catch Plant-Based Tuna features the company’s proprietary six-legume blend that mimics the flakiness of seafood (peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans) and is high in protein and free of dairy, GMOs, mercury, and toxins. The Tuna Melt features a classic tuna salad with diced onion, capers, celery, and fresh dill topped with American cheese, pickles, and tomato on griddled rye bread.

I tried the tuna melt last week and it was absolutely delicious! This is a classic dish that has been brought into the modern era with all the yummy add ins that will surely be a mega hit for Veggie Grill customers in the future.

For more information on Good Catch please click here. For more information on Veggie Grill please click here.

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