Credit: Oleg March

What begun in Europe has made its way to New York and could be the next big thing in how you live and breathe in our area. Meet Cohabs, an incredible shared living experience that will open its doors in Brooklyn this month.

Manhattanites are always looking for the next big thing in many different industries. Some of us are constantly in Goldilocks mode, especially when it comes to the places we lay our heads at night.

So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that another new concept of living has arrived and its one that might be the next big thing in how we live in 2021 and beyond.

Cohabs is an extraordinary shared living experience with 33 meticulously crafted houses and 550 rooms overseas in Belgium. The growing brand, which exemplifies the future of urban living, is coming to New York City with three beautiful and fully furnished houses opening in the next year.

The first US Cohabs residence will open in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on November 1st. Cohabs will then open additional houses in Harlem near Columbia University and in East Williamsburg in early 2021. Rent begins at $1160 and leases range from three months, to six months, to one year.

This first 6,000 square foot, 14-unit community driven space will play host to monthly events, intimate breakfasts and dinners for tenants with the goal of cultivating a strong and dynamic community between cohabitants, while safety is top of mind.

Cohabs’ mission is to create a global community through an extraordinary shared living experience and in addition to a game changing mobile app that connects members. The demographic of Cohabs overseas is 21-35 year old, single expats and locals alike, who are willing to experiment with coliving and who share similar values, whether it’s growing their food organically, or composting waste.

Cohabs allows their residents to choose what level of coziness they’re looking for in a bedroom space with options ranging from ‘cozy,’ which begins at $1160 per month, to ‘spacious’, which is larger in size, starting at $1400 per month.

More information on Cohabs can be found here.