Sticky's Finger Joint
Credit: Sticky's Finger Joint

Sticky’s Finger Joint has a lot going for it which makes it one of the best fast casual places in Manhattan. First, it has multiple locations sprawled across New York City. Secondly, it’s finger licking good with its array of incredible chicken fingers options and sooooo much more.

Unless you are a vegan or a vegetarian or a pescatarian (my apologies to any that I forgot) then chicken fingers should be a culinary staple that you should enjoy. Sticky’s Finger Joint is the Meryl Streep of this beloved food item as they present it in many different ways that have one thing in common: full-blown tastiness.

Credit: Sticky’s Finger Joint

I stopped by their 9th avenue location, conveniently located one avenue away from the A/C/E 42nd street, last week. The only thing in my stomach ahead of time that day was a yogurt as I wanted to indulge in all its chicken fingery goodness on as much of an empty stomach as I could achieve.

Everything I enjoyed that day was simply divine. Sticky’s takes the chicken finger and dresses it up in flavors from General Tso‘s to Thai Fiesta to Buffalo Ranch that each pack an incredible punch. The General Tso’s one was my personal favorite given how this is a dish that i usually order anytime I ring my local Chinese food place but have never had it on a chicken finger. Boy was I impressed.

Credit: Sticky’s Finger Joint

Sticky’s goes beyond chicken fingers though as they also excel in the world of sandwiches, wraps and salads. Sink your teeth into their Honey BBQ Club Sandwich that comes with chopped bacon, cheddar and pickles, in other words the holy trinity of sandwich toppings.

Their Ranch BLT Salad is also delectable as they topple it with perfectly cooked chicken along with several fab toppings and their splendid buttermilk baby ranch dressing. Mmm!

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