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Credit: NOIR NY

It’s deja vu all over again. Indoor dining in New York City is closed due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. In order to return to normal (or in this case, a new normal) these spaces need all the help they can get. Here’s how you can get involved.

Governor Andrew Cuomo delivered a massive blow to the restaurant and hospitality industry late last week when he announced that indoor dining would be on hold indefinitely beginning on Monday, December 14.

Dining option from Flatiron restaurant Ililli.

His decision was met with a ton of criticism as many were already struggling due to the 25 percent capacity rule that was put in place when indoor dining began again in September months after COVID first forced hundreds of restaurant doors to remain closed (outside of takeout and delivery).

To add insult to injury there was an outdoor dining ban put in place today, December 15, beginning at 2pm due to the impending snow storm that’s headed our way.

A yummy spread of food from Hortus NYC.

It’s a situation that you may have to laugh at, especially if you work within it, to save yourself from going insane over this seemingly impossible task of keeping your place of business running in any capacity.

Part of what makes The Big Apple the best place to live in and visit every year is its bustling culinary scene. Places like NOIR NY, located in the hippest area of Chelsea, are in need of your assistance so they can continue to feed their customers with delicious dishes and drinks all while keeping the party going through the night.

Credit: NOIR NY

It’s one of those magical spots you wish to find when you’re looking for a great night on the town. They have a fabulous dining area that feeds you mouthwatering surf and turf options like colorful sushi rolls and decadent pork belly as you sip on some tasty cocktails and enjoy the ambiance around you.

There’s also a great dancing space for you to burn those food and beverage calories off after you’re done with your meal. For now, that cannot happen due to the indoor restaurant ban however you are able to help.

The VIP List has created a wonderful GoFundMe page to help the owners, employees and families of their favorite restaurants out during this difficult time.

But your support goes beyond one particular page as many others in and out of New York City need help as well.

Contact your local favorite restaurant via social media to see how you yourself can help. Every little bit goes a long way, especially in this situation, and the hopes are that when indoor dining is open again and COVID is a thing of the past that we can all enjoy a meal out together in a safe and ultimately fun way.

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