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New York City is home to the world’s finest restaurants, eateries, take-outs, and mouthwatering diners. That age-old American institution – the 50s style diner – enjoys extra-special status in the Big Apple. From early in the morning until late in the evening, diners remain a staple of our cultural zeitgeist.

Those delightful booths, laminated with cherry-red countertops, and black-and-white checkered floors are all the rage. Diners are a dose of nostalgia from the rock ‘n’ roll era epitomized by the King himself, Elvis Presley. Today, decades later, the people of New York have a special affinity for their diners. They remain an intractable component of our lives, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Good Old-Fashioned American Food – Just the Way You like It!

If you enjoy old-fashioned food – and who doesn’t? – the iconic diner is the bee’s knees. You can head over to the Financial District and enjoy succulent treats at Pearl Diner, or make your way to the downtown area of Brooklyn and sink your teeth into the savory offerings at Junior’s Diner.

From the Upper East Side, with the Lexington Candy Shop, to Hell’s Kitchen and the iconic diner made famous by the Jerry Seinfeld show – Westway Diner on 614 9th Avenue in New York. This particular diner features 100 items on the menu, from quesadillas to Spaghetti Bolognese, from omelets to beef burgers, and rashers of bacon, milkshakes, and steak fries! If all of this is making your mouth water, you’re not alone – the food is so good at Westway Diner, that it enjoys special status in Manhattan – it is a veritable New York institution.

It’s tough singling out a handful of diners for presentation, since the true test of the diner is the ambience, the food, and of course the service. To get you into the mood, you may want to start checking how to play Rock N Roller slot and more games like that since they have that 50s style pizzazz that is so typical of the diner scene.

Let’s make our way across the city, towards midtown Manhattan and check out what type diners are available there!

Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop has Stood the Test of Time

Ready for it? Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop! Located at 174 5th Avenue, in New York, this is one of the most iconic eateries in Manhattan. The store opened its doors at the height of the great depression, in 1929. Of course, it has changed ownership many times over the years, but this place has some pretty amazing comfort food, particularly the toasted tuna sandwiches. Ready for some more?

Your taste buds are likely going into overdrive right about now, and once you check out what Square Diner has to offer, you’ll be wanting for more! Located on 33 Leonard Street, in New York, Square Diner features as a classic train car with wood paneling in the shape of a triangle. It’s quite an ensemble, but this decades-old diner has been around since the 1940s, and the food is simply out of this world. How about something completely titillating?

The Real Deal Appeal of Traditional American Diners in New York City

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There is the sensational Times Square Diner located right in the heart of the action. This traditional American diner is open between 7 AM and 10:30 PM, and there are some pretty incredible menu items to pick from. How about French onion soup? Classic eggs Benedict? French toast? These and many more are yours to enjoy at a finger-licking good diner located at 807 8th Avenue New York.

Another popular haunt is Soho Diner, which operates between 8 AM and 10 PM, with outdoor seating, take-out and delivery options available. Some menu items? How about California salad? Smoked Salmon? Beef on Weck? or Roasted Tomato Soup? It’s all happening at Soho Diner!

Pretty much in the same area is Golden Diner. This one’s less flamboyant, but remains highly rated among foodies. It operates between 10 AM and 10 PM, with some delectable dishes including Green Tea Coffee Cake, Lemongrass Avocado Toast, and Chicken Katsu Club. Golden Diner truly rocks! Granted, you’re probably antsy by now, ready to rush out and head for the local diner in New York City!

You may want to check out Big Daddy’s, a traditional American diner with breakfast and brunch options for you. It opens at 7 AM and closes at Midnight daily. So what are the menu items? How about a Cookie Monster Shake, or a Cotton Candy Shake? Perhaps you’d like to sink your teeth into a Grand Daddy Burger? Or some Fried Chicken? Other top selections include chicken fingers, veggie burgers, and French toast. Truly an affordable diner with huge portions for hungry visitors!

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