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Credit: Clinton Hall

Its been a minute since I’ve eaten out so the comforting burgers and plates at Clinton Hall were very appreciated. Dining right now is hard in this city as we know, but folks are doing what they can and I for one am grateful.

Clinton Hall is a gastropub that has some titles and several location under their belt.  The FiDi location we visited has a fairly large outdoor space, craft beers, cocktails and bar fare. What more could you need?

Credit: Clinton Hall

My guest and I arrived to see many of their seating options filled and spaced out according to state guidelines. Long painted tables nestled closely to heaters made for a comfortable and safe outdoor dining experience.

Before diving in I want to take a moment and thank the staff. Our server was bright, cheery and well informed on the menu, adding to the delight of the evening. During our meal a group seated by us started to stand and move around. The manager within minutes instructed them to remain seated and if up that they must wear a mask. It may seem silly but as someone who has lost friends to COVID it really is nice to see.

Now I, myself, can’t drink beer due to an allergy but it should be noted that if you’re hunting for a fine selection of draft beer and bottles then look no further. My guest and I started with a round of spicy Spiked Hot Ciders. The perfect drink to indulge in on a cold winter’s night.

As we perused the menu we noticed that Clinton Hall has options for omnivores and vegetarians alike. The first appetizer to arrive was the Cauliflower Buffalo Bites. These didn’t feel like a run of the mill, fell out of the freezer Sysco affair. Instead they were big, meaty and flavorful with a homemade Buffalo sauce that my partner and I were fighting over when the last ones remained on our plate.

Credit: Clinton Hall

As per our server’s recommendation we then ordered the Sweet n Sassy Wings. I have a high tolerance for heat and found the sweet and very slight heat of this very pleasurable. The wings had a nice crisp to them and were not overly fried (seriously over done wings are sad).

In 2018 Clinton Hall won the award for best burger from Food Network for it’s now legendary Double Smash Burger. It was a gooey cheesy, crunchy affair that is exactly what the doctor ordered (not the cardiologist) while we were there. I thoroughly enjoyed this burger that came loaded with cheddar, B&B pickles, crispy shallots and a signature sauce, it’s a win and not a pile on like so many burgers. A bit greasy maybe but that’s part of the love. I opted for the Waffle Fries with jalapeños and fondue as my side. I’m happy to report the fondue is beyond delicious and not the standard kind of cheese sauce you’d get at other restaurants.

Credit: Clinton Hall

My dinner guest had the Hot Chicken Stack. It’s an item that I will be returning for to devour by myself at some point. Two crispy chicken pieces stacked with B&B pickles, hot cherry peppers and hot honey. Salty, crispy, hot and sweet. He paired his entree with Truffle Fries as his side. Normally I’d say Truffle Fries are a gimmick that are overpowering in nature. Clinton Hall, however, gets them right where the truffle sauce that layers the fries was much more subtle. Instead of “truffling” everything up the sauce was just right which was a pleasant surprise.

Normally I would of given dessert a go around but it’s been a minute since I’ve stretched my stomach. Overall I found my visit to Clinton Hall to be delicious and comforting amid a week of pure turmoil. It totally hit the spot.

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