Outdoor Dining
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2021 has officially begun with no timeframe or date as to when indoor dining in New York City will resume. For now we are stuck with outdoor dining at many of our favorite restaurants (besides delivery & takeout) however this isn’t that bad of a concept after you try it out at least once or twice.

Outdoor dining, before COVID took over our lives, was actually something we enjoyed mostly doing during the summer. More commonly referred to as al fresco dining, it allows customers to bask in the glorious warm weather as they sip delicious drinks, devour yummy meals and chit chat about what’s going on in their daily lives.

So it wasn’t that much of a shock when some NYC residents started flocking to Long Island, New Jersey and other surrounding areas to enjoy eating inside after outdoor dining in The Big Apple was banned as the thought of doing so in frigid temperatures wasn’t exactly appetizing for them.

Which is totally understandable. We continue to live in some really rough times thanks to this seemingly never-ending pandemic so the idea of being inside a restaurant acts as a semblance of normalcy for many out there.

On the flip side, traveling an hour or two for a burger is a bit… much. So many local hotspots have gone above and beyond to ensure that your outdoor experience in NYC is wonderful. It’s up to you though to figure that out yourself.

Need help? Here are five reasons why you should consider outdoor dining in our amazing city.

1: Support Local. When COVID is all said and done we want to resume living in NYC where places are open and hopefully thriving. Outdoor dining is just one of the many ways where you, the customer, can help your favorite restaurant out or a new place you haven’t tried before. Doing this will be simple yet effective in the long run.

2: Brr… Just Kidding. Every restaurant I have visited since indoor dining was banned has set up several heating lamps to ensure that you and your food remains warm as you enjoy a magical night out with your loved ones.

3: Cool Contraptions. Many spaces have actually built really remarkable outdoor dining seating arrangements. E’s Bar in the Upper West Side for instance, set up glowing tents that are blissfully heated for you to enjoy.

4: Winter in NYC. New York City is open for business and this includes restaurants of course. Having that classic experience here can still happen even with outdoor dining as most of the scenery that surrounds you is gorgeous and totally picturesque.

5: It’s Freaking Fun. Yes, outdoor dining is not exactly ideal especially this time of year. But if you get past your hesitations it can actually be a super fun time for you and your friends to safely gather at.

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