Online Dating
Credit: Jonathan Draper

As a guy, do you struggle to identify what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to online dating? Granted, there isn’t a handbook, so read on to find out more.

Joey Fatone
Credit: Eric Dean

For anyone who grew up in my generation (graduated high school between 1998-2006), Joey Fatone was and still is a big household name.  Being part of one of the biggest boy bands of all time, NSYNC, Joey & the group achieved international fame with their collection of amazing hits and mass hysteria throughout the world as they spent years dominating the charts and airwaves.  Since his music days, Joey has been singing a different tune with becoming one of the most in demand television personalities out there with his own shows, brands and so much more.

Three Olives

You know summer is approaching when the clothes get lighter and the drinks get sweeter. Three Olives Vodka understands this, which is why they are releasing two new flavors for the summer season: Cucumber Lime & Fresh Watermelon.

Credit: Jeff Chastain

For the second year in a row, Manhattan Digest has put together a list simply known as Bears You Should Know.  What attributes does one need to make this list?  For one, vanity and looks have nothing to do with it.  This isn’t a calendar of sorts for men to ogle over, although each guy is incredibly handsome in their own way.  This list simply highlights an amazing group of gay men who are inspiring positive change for our community.

Credit: Newel Galleries

Nicole Kapit effortlessly navigates the narrow spaces between beautifully curated antiques at the Newel galleries on East 61st street.  She makes you feel as if you could easily live with these pieces at home just like a couch from Crate & Barrel.  She didn’t flinch when my friend sat on an 18th century Italian chair.  There are no “Do Not Sit” signs pinned to grosgrain ribbon here.  

Little King
Credit: Little King

Ten years ago, Williamsburg was a place I would just hang out in. As of recently I now live there. When moving into any new neighborhood, you have to find your “go to spots”. After my visit to Little King, I believe I have found my first. Now in proper brunching fashion, I went out the night before and had a few cocktails. So that morning, my body was ready for a good meal and drink to help lighten the burden that was my hangover.

Katie Lee
Courtesy of Cooking Channel

Katie Lee brings out the jealousy in me, in the best way possible. She has accomplished so much in the culinary world at such a young age, and seems to be only at the beginning of what she will be able to achieve in her amazing career.  Katie is a mainstay at both The Food Network & Cooking Channel, thanks to her super fun and colorful shows “Beach Bites with Katie Lee” and being a co-host on “The Kitchen”.  Outside of that, how did this all begin for Katie, and what is she hopeful for not only with the second season of her show “Beach Bites” but also her own future?

Karen Mason
Photo credit: Bill Westmoreland

If you’re in the market for a comedian, I’ve got a recommendation. For those in search of a wedding singer, I have a name for you.  Anyone looking for a bonafide, radiant talent who can sing the living daylights out of any song? I’ve got you covered. The answer to all of the aforementioned queries is: Karen Mason.

Catherine Zuber, War Paint
Catherine Zuber. Photo courtesy of Joseph Marzullo

Catherine Zuber is one of the busiest costume designers working in entertainment that even her vacations are work. She’s currently at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theater for the world premiere of Roman Holiday: The Cole Porter Musical. It began previews on May 23rd and is slated to open this fall on Broadway.

Mohegan Sun

There is something about the smell of BBQ that just screams summertime bliss. If you’re like us and continuously on the search for the best BBQ then look no further thanks to Mohegan Sun inaugurating the summer season with their annual Sun BBQ Fest.