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Over the course of the past three years, I have profiled several gay men who are excelling in the industry that they are in and becoming a big deal based on their own hard work and determination.  The respect level I have for them just because of that is leaps and bounds higher than people who rely on others to get to where they need.  Hence the inspiration for this article.

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Guest Contributor: Sarah Presley

When you’re waiting in line to buy a gram of weed from behind a wooden counter with a bunch of other customers and you’re from New York, chances are you’re going to feel like a bit of a narc. Not that you want to snitch on anyone else who’s in line let alone the vendor—just that you will almost inevitably squirm on the inside from being conditioned to think of weed as, nowadays, at least less than legal.

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Just like Matt LeBlanc’s character Joey on “Friends”, sandwiches are also my favorite food to have.  Any type, no bias towards anything.  Sandwiches are quite frankly one of the most versatile types of foods you can have, they are like the Jennifer Lopez of food options available.  So what happens when you take the concept of building a sandwich and turn it into the next big delivery service in New York City?  The answer is Barney Brown.

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Brace yourself, Manhattanites!  Memorial Day weekend is only a short two days away!  A weekend filled with sun, fun, food and drink, not to mention the extra day off!  We are always looking for a tasty place to try some delicious food out, especially when a holiday is involved.  Luckily for all of our readers, we found some super great places where this can be a reality!

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Glam rock is alive and well and thriving at Joe’s Pub this week where Netherlands based entertainer Sven Ratzke is enjoying a brief residency.  Well known in Berlin for his role as “Hedwig” in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Raztke now brings his often odd, but mesmerizing brand of performance to the late David Bowie with his show,  Starman. 

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Manhattan is known for so many things, including its amazing music venues where the biggest stars in the world stop by and put on a show for their thousands of adoring fans!  With the warmer weather finally here, we can add outdoor venues to the lists of amazing artists that are stopping by The Big Apple to showcase their talents and put on a fantastic show.  So which ones have caught our eye here the most at Manhattan Digest?

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Manhattan Digest has gone a little crazy over what to get the dad in your life for Father’s Day, but there are so many great options out there we just had to show you some more!  Less than a month away, the biggest day in the year for Dad’s has so many options outside of the boring tie or mug to get him to really make his day and to show him how much you love him.  Awe.

The Empire State Building From Under The Manhattan Bridge

They say if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere.  Being in the belly of the beast myself for the past seven years or so, especially coming from the generation where the economy was at its worst, that statement could not be truer as millions of us had to develop a tenacious attitude like no other in order to overcome the pitfalls of what was going on and thrive on our own.

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As if we couldn’t get enough of the gag-worthy season that became Season 8, RuPaul’s Drag Race fans will be experiencing another level of sickening this year as “All Stars 2” will be coming out in the upcoming months.  They did a teaser commercial for it during the finale of season eight, which is making all of us very excited to see who they bring back for the ultimate redemption and to win the crown that they all couldn’t do the first time around.

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Who knew a food delivery service could not only provide top of the line food and drink, but also some fab merchandise to celebrate the holiday weekend?  Well Maple is going to make us go totes crazy with their limited edition of Totes that are available for purchase now, but you aren’t just getting the bag with purchase.  Oh no, inside each tote is a variety of items that are super tasty and delicious.  Tee hee.