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If there was a Super Bowl for fashion, it isn’t the Oscars, Grammys or even the CMA’s (lol), it is the annual Met Gala, which took place last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  This is where the biggest stars in the world bring out their style guns for everyone to see, gag, admire, and every other adjective of jealousy to which they are dressed to the nines in.  Everyone from Beyonce to Taylor Swift and so many more showed up in the best of the best, but question is… who do we think were the belles of the ball?

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In my opinion, Manhattan does brunch like nowhere else. It’s caught on in other places, of course, but this is still Brunch Central. My friends back in Texas get more excited about going to brunch, when they visit, than they do about going to a Broadway show.

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Filling in for David this week as he is sickening! No he’s just not feeling well boo boos. My turn to throw the shade mwhahaha! Last week, we finally saw some basic impersonator go home who should’ve left after he walked into the werk room the first episode. Nevertheless, he and his receding hairline are gone, and now we are down to an amazing top 4. Each have possessed some seriously strong skill sets throughout the season, and this might possibly be their strongest and most likable top 4 ever.

​We love our holidays over here at Manhattan Digest, especially with a big one coming up on Thursday- Cinco De Mayo!  We found you some pretty great places to celebrate last week, and we couldn’t get enough so we have found a couple more for you to peruse in three days!  Sit back, relax, eat, drink, and have a damn good time at any of these locations!

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This week is going to be big for people who like their drank and partaytay!  Why so?  Well, Cinco De Mayo is this coming Thursday for one, but it is also Tequila Week (get those hangover remedies people!).  So many places to celebrate the holiday and this week, so why not choose a place that has a ton of great food, drink and activities prepared to celebrate, all under one roof? One place that we highly recommend is Beer & Buns, located right outside Grand Central on East 39th between Park and Lexington.

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The liner notes for Primary StagesExit Strategy state that the play was first produced in Chicago after the city proposed a potential closure of 129 public schools, 54 of which were in low income neighborhoods.   The announcement occurred in 2013, but three years later, the issues and conversations remain. While Ike Holter’s gripping drama is set specifically in this mid-western city, it could well be set in Anywhere, USA.

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As someone who has primarily lived in New York his entire life, the only other place that I can call home to a certain degree is Providence, Rhode Island, where I attended college for five years.  Providence has the convenience of being wedged between New York City and Boston and even though is a smaller city than both, it makes up for it with its charm, beauty and endless amounts of fun things to do.  If you are planning on heading to Providence in the upcoming weeks or months, or even want to stop by and experience all it has to offer, one place that I highly recommend checking into is The Omni Providence, located right in the heart of the city on W. Exchange Place.

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As someone who has been part of the bear and gay community as a whole for twelve years now, I have seen a bevy of trends come and go in our culture, yet there is a constant that remains throughout it and that is an incredible lack of respect from younger and older gay men to each other that needs to stop immediately. Seeing as we can be a culture that hardly comes together as a community with how vicious we can be, it can be something as simple as this that can break these walls downs and we can unite better as a culture.

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Lynda Carter sings?!!?”, was the common reaction to the declaration that I was seeing Wonder Woman in concert last weekend for her Jazz at Lincoln Center show.  The answer: Absolutely!  Among the powers bestowed on her television character by the Greek Gods, she’s also been granted the real life gift of lovely vocals and commanding stage presence—not to mention her maintenance of eternal youth.

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Anytime there is an excuse to have a celebration with steak, you can count me in.  That can be said and more for the upcoming Mother’s Day festivities, which Manhattan restaurants will have plenty of options to celebrate the mother in your life with.  So why not choose one of the most respected, refined and tasty locations midtown has to offer?  This, of course, is Mastro’s Steakhouse, who is pulling out all the stops for Mother’s Day next Sunday, May 8th.