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French cuisine is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world, and is one that is very important to the New York City foodie scene.  One place in particular that has this concept down pat is Aperitif Bistro Wine Bar, with two locations in Riverside and Rockville Centre, the latter being a mere 20 minutes outside of Manhattan.  I went to the Rockville Centre location the other night, as I heard rave reviews about this and was pleasantly satisfied with the end result.

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One of the most anticipated weeks in fashion has finally arrived, as New York Fashion Week has begun in the Big Apple.  Some of the biggest names in fashion have come out to debut their fall lines in hopes that it will appeal to the masses and either make them the next big thing or keep their massive careers on the up on up.  Someone who is part of the latter of those two categories is famed fashion designer Nicole Miller, who debuted her fall fashion line last night at the Skylight Clarkson Square.

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As far as I am concerned, if Italian food is good… you travel for it.  With the endless options you can try with one of the best cuisines in the world, you might be surprised that there are good places that can provide such a treat for your palate that runs outside of New York City.  Shocking, right?  One of these places is called VB3, short for Villa Borghese, located right off The Path Train in Jersey City.  When you can master a hard combination of exquisite Italian cuisine in a sports bar setting, you must be doing something right.  And VB3 does that… and more.

Midtown Crossing
Midtown, NYC, 2016

On occasion, I will go through some of my catalog of work and look back on certain periods of my work. Since we are in the last depressing months of this New York City winter I decide to pull out some photos I took a few years ago during a frigid, snowy photo walk. I remember this walk well since about half way through the telescopic focus on my lens broke.

I was trying to capture how New York life still goes on despite a horrible storm. Until my lens broke… I still was able to capture some photos but all in all, you might consider this an outtake collection.

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Can’t make it to the islands for the Winter this year?  Having major FOMO (Fear of missing out) that you will be super jelly of all your friends drinking delicious cocktails in a warm environment while you avoid the brisk and cold weather that we have been having?  Fear not, because Caliche Rum is bringing the Tiki cocktails to you with these delicious recipes you can make at home!

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If there is one thing Manhattanites can all agree on is that weekends are pretty much for sleeping in after a long night out, and then heading off to grab some delicious brunch on both Saturday and Sunday.  It is sort of our little version of the best day after remedy you could possibly imagine.  With the weather being as cold as it is outside, we are hurrying our little butts off to whatever brunch place we love to enjoy what they have to offer. So what do we here at Manhattan Digest think are some pretty great Winter brunch spots to enjoy with your friends and family? Take a look.

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Anne Nelson had tough choices to make. As an eager twenty-something from Oklahoma, she looked forward to seizing opportunities beyond the panhandle state, but questioned whether or not she had the fortitude to deal with traumatic events. She came to the conclusion that a choice to back away from life’s discomfort is not a healthy way of living and took the plunge into journalism. It took her to Central American war zones in El Salvador and Guatemala.  In her position as a  foreign correspondent, she would meet fellow journalists for coffee and days later, would learn that they had been tortured and killed by death squads.   “Suddenly, I came back to New York and would attend dinner parties where I felt like the ‘weird one’ because I just wasn’t on the same wavelength,” she said during a recent phone interview. “Normalcy meant working my way back to a state where I’d be able to fit in.”

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When it comes to being a man, there are a few things on each of our list that quite frankly should be bought with quality and a couple extra bucks thrown in the mix.  Good cologne, a nice meal out every once in a while, and most importantly- the underwear that we are wearing.  Gone are the days where we buy cheap, easy to rip underwear in bulk that we have to keep restocking every couple of months and spending our days readjusting ourselves at all times of the day.  Well just in time for Valentine’s Day, Tommy John has developed a great gift set for the holiday that is designed to make what you are wearing feel like a second skin.

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It can be difficult to shop for someone that you love, you sometimes never really know what to get them!  Especially when it comes to the man in your life.  It can be very tricky.  Well fear not people, because our favorite shopping site has a great list of items that would delight the guy you are getting it for in many different ways!  Great deals, colorful products, and a good conversation starter for all of them, why go anywhere else? Check out what we think you should buy your man for that special occasion!

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Can’t get enough of our Valentine’s Day mania here at Manhattan Digest?  Good, because we are still going strong with what I think is the best part of the day (or any day, quite frankly)- the sweets!  And what better place to find sweets than in the best city in the world.  So for all you cheapos out there that are going to run to your local drug store and pick up chocolate that has likely been sitting there for quite sometime- think again!  We have found some fun and innovative places and ideas for you to show your honey how much you love them in the calorie and sweet department.  Check out what we think will melt your loved one’s heart.