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Independence Day is almost upon us and finding the perfect place to watch the fireworks is on everyone’s agenda. For those looking for a killer view of the firework show Surf City, the sandy beach megabar and restaurant in Jersey City is just the ticket and opens at noon on the fourth!

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Sweet summer nights are finally upon us; the warm and sticky breeze with a hint of salt lingering on our skin for hours. The neon glow of city signs light up the night with a day glow cast, while everyone finally breaks out their retired skimpy clothes and turn the streets into their glamorous bitch. The city of summer is our runway and what better time to try out the latest and greatest makeup trends that are taking this season by storm. Try ramping up your glam with these new tricks in your arsenal.

Beth Behrs in A FUNNY THING... Photo by Matthew Murphy

It’s hard not to fall for a  leading lady who wears a  bright pink sweatshirt that reads, “I love my poodle,” yet it is one of the more subdued touches in Halley Feiffer’s otherwise bold, crass, but  touching dark comedy, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Gynecologic Oncology Unit at Memorial Sloan Kettering Center of New York City.


It’s always nice when you welcome a new neighbor to your hood, especially the bustling part of Manhattan we commonly refer to as “Midtown”.  Midtown period is around some of the most iconic parts of NYC, including the Theater District and of course, Times Square.  So when someone new comes in, they need to be able to keep up with the competition and really set themselves apart in order to thrive and stay alive.  One place that is definitely do that and then some, is Ocean Prime, which me and my friend reviewed last night to two huge smiling faces upon our exit.

Credit: Angel Brinks

Lot of people on reality television do so because, quite frankly, they don’t really have a lot of talent outside of making themselves a hot mess for the viewers to laugh at them, not with.  It is rare when you have a reality star with brains, smarts, beauty and ambition the way that Angel Brinks does, who is a big time designer and current member of Basketball Wives LA, which is making its return for another season on VH1 July 17th.

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With so many trendy neighborhoods on the rise it seems as if people are neglecting how much charm and charisma the West Village has. Places like DUET remind us why the West Village is not dead. . Located on the corner of Barrow Street and 7th Ave South, DUET is in a perfect location steps away from majority of the trains lines we use everyday. Having a restaurant that is located on an intersection is guarantee for perfect views and excellent cross breeze just like DUET restaurant.

Credit: The Cutting Room

When it comes to live music in New York City, one of the few venues left for such entertainment is The Cutting Room, a place where it is still possible to hear vocalists and bands while enjoying a fine supper at one of 250 well-ordered tables. Since re-opening its new location on East 32nd Street between Park and Madison, one of NYC’s biggest Live Music staples has built on a decade of history that includes some of today’s top performers.  With the summer in full swing, The Cutting Room’s schedule of amazing talent will hopefully make it their biggest season to date!

Credit: Grand Bazaar NYC

Summer time really means there is no excuse to get out of your apartment, house or whatever you live in and see the best of the best in what Manhattan really has to offer.  This of course includes the lovely aspect of shopping, which there is a plethora of places to drop some money at in order to be styling, profiling, and looking and feeling fly throughout the summer.  This week, Grand Bazaar NYC, an international shopping market, has opened its doors to the public for an exclusive preview before their grand opening during New York Fashion Week on Sunday, September 11th.  How exciting is that?

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There are aspects for some Manhattanites who enjoy the finer things in life, and part of that is the quality of food they like to indulge in at least once a week.  One of those high end indulgences happens to be caviar, which is a delicacy that has an elegance and refinement to it that is on a whole other level.  Well, one of the top restaurants in New York City is devoting an entire happy hour around this type of cuisine, and am hoping you can join in the celebration for it all summer long!

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If you don’t love tacos or burritos, quite frankly I don’t want to know you.  There is so much to love about them, in terms of execution of flavor, depth, ingredients, spice, and so much more, that you must have a really weird palate to not enjoy just how great they really are.  With all of the “conglomerate” type of taco/burrito places infiltrating the city, many are finding that the unique “one off” types that make our city so fantastic are being drowned out by mass produced crap.  One place that is defying all of that with some of the best tasting tex-mex food I have ever had, is Tres Carnes, with locations on 6th Avenue between 22nd and 21st Street, and 3rd Avenue between 56th and 57th street.