Furball NYC
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Sometimes, you just can’t keep a good thing down.  This happens to be true for the event and men within the event, Furball NYC, which is blowing through Stage 48 for a 2nd time this year on November 18th.  Given how successful and super fun this event has been over the past decade, not to mention this year in particular, it is a guarantee that it will be a huge blast with great music, sexy men, and so much more.

Credit: Ryan Shea

I love all parts of Manhattan, but my particular favorite happens to be The Upper West Side.  This area is filled with some amazing museums, places to shop, and of course… food!  So when I discovered Guyer’s Bar & Cafe, and the amazing brunch they were starting, I knew I found another amazing gem in my favorite part of NYC.  Little did I know how incredible this place, and the owner, would be!

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I am new to Manhattan Digest, so it’s time I formally introduce myself to our readers. My name is Andrew Savage and for the past six years, I have been a proud high school teacher. It has been my pride and joy to watch students learn, grow, and flourish.  I have never doubted that my students learned and considered their experiences in my class valuable. Every measurable indicator such as test scores and observations from peers and supervisors have confirmed this. I love what I do which is why I feel it’s time to stand up for my colleagues and public education here in New York City and across this nation.  Our profession is in a state of crisis where the demands and pressures of teaching have overshadowed the joy and fulfillment that we get out of doing our jobs.

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New York Yankees Steakhouse’s new executive chef John Schafer is bringing fresh fall flavor to their menu.  Schafer came on board at the restaurant earlier this year and is proud to be making some additions to New York Yankees Steakhouse’s American steakhouse fare with new dishes that highlight the flavors of the season.

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When it comes to navigating your way up the chutes and ladders of the gay community, something that may get knocked down a peg or two is your self confidence.  There are many different facets in which this can happen, as this community tends to be its biggest worst enemy when it comes to putting others down out of their own insecurity, however there are ways to avoid these sorts of things and come out smelling like roses, or good cologne.  No matter what, you always make sure your self worth is high and in tact.

Inner Voices
Nancy Anderson. The Pen. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

Some people know a good thing when they see it.  Still others have the means to share it with a broader audience. Thankfully, Paulette Haupt, after being inspired by a PBS theater broadcast, had the wisdom to create an opportunity for an intimate, unique, and thoroughly satisfying art form.

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I celebrate chocolate in many different ways, as it happens to be one of my favorite kinds of sweets that are out there!  Seeing as there seems to be a holiday for everything lately, it comes as no surprise that there is one that celebrates all things chocolate.  National Chocolate Day is coming up next Friday, and we have found some Manhattan sweet spots that are doing something super special for the occasion!

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We all know New York City as the “city that never sleeps.” This is a metropolis so full of life and energy, that it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves while we try to soak up everything the Big Apple has to offer. But whoa there, the city may never sleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Especially now that winter is approaching, keeping your health tip-top is more important than ever. But how can one simply avoid temptation? How do you choose a salad rather than a delicious pizza? decide to walk a few blocks rather than taking the subway? or spend afternoons at the gym instead of at any number of amazing theater shows? Well, it starts with small steps and little improvements along the way, so that you can live a healthier life, and still enjoy all the entertainment NYC offers.

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Fall is in full swing, and our taste buds are alive and well with the changing seasons.  Changing seasons mean changes in many Manhattan restaurants menus, and that of course includes desserts!  We have found two locations that are serving up some tasty and amazing dessert concoctions for the fall, and we think you will love each and every one of them!

Thrive Market
Credit: Thrive Market

Yes, believe it or not Manhattanites, we are already planning for the holidays!  Can’t believe the summer flew by.  We are starting our holiday planning season early by featuring a local favorite that is loved all over the city- Thrive Market!  Come see what they have in stores for all of us to get excited for the months to come!