Alright, so was it just me or did everyone at the Oscars look like they did their own hair and makeup themselves this year? Ironically that might make the rest of us common folk feel better. If this is some kind of new motivational movement where “You are enough,” then great, keep it up. If this is not a “thing,” then stop hiring people off Instagram to do your hair and makeup. I have no idea what I was really expecting this season, but this wasn’t it. It ain’t cute; it was a little disappointing actually.

Credit: Ikinari Steak

Japan surely has an infatuation with all things American.  This is unmistakable if you have seen like any show or movie set in the island nation.   If Hello Kitty, The Ring movies, and, of course, Pokemon are any indication, Americans are always clamoring for Japan to return the favor.  Most recently, Kunio Ichinose answered the call by opening Ikinari Steak, his first US location of his popular steakhouse chain to NYC.

Queer Urban Orchestra
Credit: Aleja Araujo

The Queer Urban Orchestra is an amazing example about how the arts in Manhattan are far from dead, and how they are rather thriving in this bustling city that I love so much.  I did not know about its existence up until a couple of weeks ago, when one of its members and principal second violin James Teal invited me to their first concert in 2017.  Upon my exit from the concert was where I truly realized just how important organizations like this are, not only to the world of arts but to our amazing LGBTQ community and its supporters.

michael bolton
Photo courtesy of CharityBuzz,

Michael Bolton is a multi-Grammy Award winning vocalist with global appeal and album sales that have yielded over 60 million. He’s also been a staunch social activist, lending his time and services to his organization, The Michael Bolton Charities  supporting women & children at risk. You’d think with all that he’s accomplished, he’d be sitting on top of the world. Lately however, he’s been a bit melancholy and keeps returning to the the same question he posed in 1989: “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?”  Yes. You, Dear Reader. Michael Bolton needs you to be his “soul Provider”—and here is how you can help him get “back on his feet again.”


TedX Broadway is back on the boards for its’ 6th consecutive year and co-organizers Damian Bazadona and Jim McCarthy have recently announced confirmed speakers.

Credit: Gustavo Monroy

Bear parties run the muck here in Manhattan (as they should), and Drenched is a great example of one of the best we have here.  Located inside the beautiful Room Mate Grace Hotel on 45th Street between 7th and 6th Avenue, Drenched hosts a ton of super hot bears and bear admirers who are swirling around a big pool, relaxing in a sauna, having drinks and jamming to some amazing beats.

DiMi Marc, FMOTC
Credit: DiMI Marc

Boston-based collective Find Me On The Cloud, otherwise known as FMOTC, released their debut album today called “Writing Love Letters”.  After their first successful single called “Set it Off” was released, people were anxiously awaiting the release of this amazing first effort from a scene in New England that is starting to make waves across the music universe.  After taking a first listen to this, I can truthfully say that they won’t be let down.

Credit: FreshfromDE's Facebook Page.

Given what Chance the Rapper has done for being independent and abundantly fresh in the hip-hop community, it would make sense that there are others out there who are just as talented if not more than the recent Grammy winner.  FreshfromDE is a great example of that, as he showcases his incredible talents on the 2nd single off his upcoming album “The Ritual” called “High on Myself”, which was released today.

Credit: Plate IQ

While being at Manhattan Digest for four years now,  I have reviewed a ton of incredible restaurants both in and out of the city that left me quite impressed.  It was sad to see though that some of them closed as time went by, and one of the reasons for said closing just might be how they handled accounting.  In a city as fast paced as Manhattan, accounting is that much more crucial in order to really understand all about the money that is coming in and out of your location.  Plate IQ is that one company that helps with all of this in a minimal amount of time, and can be the one tool that can truly make your business excel in ways you never thought of before.

Greenwich Steakhouse
Credit: Eric Soltan

Greenwich Steakhouse is easily going to become a neighbor you are all going to want to visit in The West Village.  The brand spanking new location, right off the 123 line on Greenwich Avenue has opened up shop today for the masses to enjoy.  Last night, they were nice enough to give us a fantastic media dinner where we got to preview its amazing ambiance, decor and of course… delicious food.