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No other city has been the backdrop for the world of cinema as much as New York has; a melting pot of cultures, languages and history, but nothing brings all these elements together quite like the traditional cuisines that lend the city its charm. Whether it be a Sichuanese hot pot from Flushing, some lasagna from Belmont, bulgogi beef in Koreatown, lamb shanks with orzo in Williston Park or tacos in Sunset Park, there is no doubt that the cuisine of the Big Apple is something to aspire to.

Westhouse Hotel
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Westhouse Hotel, situated in the heart of Midtown West on 55th Street between 7th and Broadway, is a classic example of why Manhattan is still an incredibly special place to be.  When you are mere blocks away from the top theater shows, Carnegie Hall and some of the best food the city has to offer, location can be crucial and Westhouse Hotel excels in that.  However the same can be said about how amazing the experience can truly be upon check in through check out.  I stayed there over the weekend and was impressed by all of this… and more.

Furball, Furball NYC
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Furball came back with a vengeance this past Friday night, as it blew through Stage 48 with hundreds of super hot bears, bear admirers, gogo dancers, amazing music and so much more to make for one incredible and memorable night.


Live music, you just have to love it. What could possibly be better than watching the sweat drip off the guitar players face as he vibes out with the crowd. There is a sense of authenticity that comes with a intimate live performance that you don’t get at something much larger like a concert.

Seven Bistro
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Seven Bistro, located in the heart of Midtown West on 7th Avenue between 30th and 29th Street, has quite a lot going for it.  Located a couple of blocks from the world famous Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, this beautiful and spacious restaurant has quite the benefits given its location not to mention how beautiful it really is inside, and how scrumptious its American cuisine truly is.  I stopped by there with a friend this weekend to experience it all, and was quite pleased by the end results.

Manhattan Digest
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We here at Manhattan Digest threw a fantastic fundraiser at Gym Sportsbar last weekend and are thrilled with how it turned out!  The event took place in the basement area from 6-9 PM, and tons of people came through to enjoy some great happy hour specials, delicious pizza from Adoro Lei, and of course bid on some AMAZING prizes for a great cause!

Simon Indian Palace
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Simon Indian Palace is located near Bloomingdale’s, and you can almost miss it. The first NYC restaurant venture by owner and entrepreneur Nurul AminSimon Indian Palace is driven by a team of three chefs – Executive Chef Jalal Bhuiyan (Baluchi’s, Amma), curry specialist Miraj Bhuiyan (Baluchi’s, Curry Kitchen) and tandoor master Shohag Alam (Mahal Kita, Nimbooda). The team work together to create specialty non-vegetarian and vegetarian appetizers and entrées from the vast and extensive menu.  I stopped by there with a friend the other night to experience it all. 


Nothing wrong with spicing things up sometimes, especially in a city like Manhattan, and West Village mainstay SUSHISAMBA has done that with their limited time Ramen menu that was just launched yesterday!  Available now until April 15th, the Ramen-based dishes are so incredibly diverse in terms of execution, flavor profiles, vegan vs. non vegan, that it would be impossible for the most pickiest of eaters to not enjoy what is in front of them.  I got first dibs on this amazing experience, and was blown away by it all.

Insomnia Cookies
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Insomnia Cookies, with multiple locations scattered across the Manhattan area, are a sweet lovers dream in many different capacities.  As someone who has quite the sweet tooth myself, I can truly say that their variety of freshly prepared cookies are some of the best that the city has to offer, and for good reason.  Whether you are having a craving during the morning hour rush or want one (or more) baked and delivered late night, Insomnia Cookies has all of that… and more.

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Life has certainly doled out its share of lemons for LaCHANZE but like Senator Elizabeth Warren, she has persisted. The Broadway, concert, and film star was eight months pregnant with her second child when her husband, Calvin Gooding, tragically perished in the September 11th, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.  The Florida native has also managed to navigate through the difficult entertainment industry, all while balancing the endless demands of motherhood.