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It’s back!!!! Yas, hunty!!! It’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Eleventy First (actually nine, we just wanted to be extra), and we’re here to serve and to swerve for your realness and GAGA!!! *death drop*

Kurry Qulture
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Let’s start with the basics. There’s no chicken tikka masala at Kurry Qulture. And that’s a good thing.

Sunset Boulevard
Glenn Close. Sunset Boulevard. Photo by Nick Wall.

In Act II of the current revival of Sunset Boulevard, faded silent movie star Norma Desmond (Glenn Close) returns to the lot of Paramount studios where, years prior, she was an adored actress. As she looks around in stunned amazement, she launches into one of the musical’s most well-known numbers, As If We Never Said Good-bye.  The song captures the emotion of a celebrity who wears spotlight like a warm winter coat and is ecstatic to be basking in it once again. Close, who won the Tony for her role in the 1994 staging is back on the boards,  chewing the scenery and commanding the stage like the true professional that she is.

Crunch, Crunch Gym
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And to no surprise that is the name of this brand spanking new class, SweatShed. SweatShed is delivered to you by Crunch and combines many high intensity, interval workouts all in 50 minutes.

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For the 2nd year in a row, Manhattan Digest has asked one of the best questions you can ask a bear lover- “What celebrity bear are you crushing on?”  What is a celebrity bear?  Simple- it is a celebrity, who evokes bear realness in all that he does.  Woof indeed.  The answers we got from bears and bear fans alike were diverse, plush… but above all, hairy and sexy.  So who made our picks for the 2017 edition of Hottest Celebrity Bears?

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It’s always fun when you welcome a new neighbor to the surrounding area, especially one as bustling as Union Square.  The new neighbor in this situation is Camacho’s, which gave us a special media dinner last night in preparation for their grand opening on March 30th!  I had my taste buds prepared for what they had to offer us, and if this is a preview of things to come, I can only see great things happening for this colorful and tasty establishment.

Jason Derulo
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Jason Derulo is proof that he is somebody who “can do both”, as he is now more than just the music superstar that he has molded himself into.  Last night, he emerged as a force in the fashion world with his unveiling of his menswear line, LVL XII with designer Antonio Brown.  The event took place at the super hip and trendy Tao Downtown in the heart of Chelsea, where both Jason and Antonio were on deck to celebrate the launch and talk about the future of this budding collaboration.

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We have finally entered Spring here in Manhattan, which means warmer weather is on our way and Easter will be here shortly!  Easter is only a couple of weeks away, on Sunday, April 16th, and many Manhattanites are on the lookout for the best places to go, dine, drink and have a blast!  So where are the best places to go for this occasion?

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Over the course of running Manhattan Digest, I have had the privilege of meeting some incredibly savvy and interesting people throughout my endless experiences that have shaped the journey of this website.  A lot of these people have left some pretty amazing impressions on me that bring up the need for this article in that they deserve some extra shine in the spotlight.  They all come from different creative walks of life, but each of them are incredibly determined and focused in what they want to do with their careers, similar to myself, and that made it easy for me to put them on my list of Manhattanites that you need to know.

Happy Hour
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Manhattan is known for being “the city that never sleeps”, and in the duration of not sleeping, the ever popular “happy hour” does exist at different parts of the night.  It goes beyond the traditional quitting time to 8/9:00 PM and can run late into the night, so what are the best places to go to in Manhattan to experience a late night happy hour with your friends and family?