Credit to: Magnolia Bakery

Can’t get enough of our Valentine’s Day mania here at Manhattan Digest?  Good, because we are still going strong with what I think is the best part of the day (or any day, quite frankly)- the sweets!  And what better place to find sweets than in the best city in the world.  So for all you cheapos out there that are going to run to your local drug store and pick up chocolate that has likely been sitting there for quite sometime- think again!  We have found some fun and innovative places and ideas for you to show your honey how much you love them in the calorie and sweet department.  Check out what we think will melt your loved one’s heart.

Credit to: The Untz

For all of the Manhattanites out there, we are always planning for something or going to something every weekend it seems.  Albeit a great party, event, wedding, you name it.  There is always something going on.  So what happens when you want to plan an event, or just go out for the night with your friends at something a bit different from your run of the mill local place?  Long Island actually has both of that and more, and we have found some really great locations for you to enjoy yourself at, whether it is something you are planning, or experience something completely different.  Here is where we think you would enjoy yourselves at off the LIRR.

Credit to: Noah Fecks

One of my favorite burger joints in New York City is pairing up with an amazing craft beer company to celebrate the best of two worlds all under one roof.  Tonight, the 5 Napkin Burger location in Union Square, right off the L train, will be hosting a Captain Lawrence Beer Dinner tonight at 7pm.  The event will pair some of the best seasonal craft beers with 5 Napkin Burger’s signature dishes that have made them one of the best burger places to go to in the best city for food in the world.

Credit to: The Chatwal

The biggest day of love is only six days away!  Haven’t found a great place to go to to celebrate with you and your honey?  Well, fear not!  Manhattan Digest has found some pretty awesome places that are still available to book this week.  So calm it down, read this through, and find something that works best for you and your boo.  Not only can I write, but I can rhyme too, damn, where’s my guy?  Chris Pratt will find me eventually.  In the meantime, check out these great hotspots.

Credit to: Inside Edition

With all the talk about Lobster lately, (I’m talking about you Beyonce), it is no surprise that we will go the extra mile and spend a good amount of money to have one of the most delicious types of foods there are out there.  Especially when it comes to dining out in New York City, which can already have a pretty big price tag on it seeing as we are in the food capital of the world.  Question is, do we really know what we are paying for when it comes to our lobster?  The answers are pretty surprising as top syndicated news magazine show Inside Edition is revealing some pretty interesting finds when it comes to what you get when you order your lobster on today’s episode.

Credit to: Parkwood Entertainment

Last night at Super Bowl 50, we saw some pretty incredible and amazing moments, both from the sports and music field.  Peyton Manning and The Denver Broncos triumphantly won over the favored Carolina Panthers, which is a pretty great punctuation mark for Peyton’s amazing long sentence of a career.  Millions of people were ecstatically waiting for the halftime show, in which superstars Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Coldplay rocked the house to commemorate the 50th year of this legendary game being played.  Upon closer look, you would have noticed that Chris Martin was wearing a Global Citizen armband, an organization that has a goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030.  There is, however, a Manhattan connection to this story.

Credit to: SELECT

It is always very impressive when a startup company, especially in the dog-eat-dog world of New York City, is able to exponentially expand and grow in a very short time.  Even better is when the company’s concept and mission is so unbelievably fantastic that you really have a hard time believing that someone hasn’t snatched up this idea before.  This time around, the company at hand that has done all of this is Manhattan based SELECT, which is an amazing service that makes you, the customer, feel VIP all the way with them connecting you to the best of the best in lifestyle in the greatest city in the world and beyond.

Credit to: Cashman-Katz

Is it actually possible to take something that is already near perfect and add onto it to further that ubiquitous perfection?  I mean, outside of sandwich classics and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, it is really hard to find anything tangible nowadays that really showcase how great something is.  Well, Saybrook Point Inn & Spa, about an hour outside of New York City in Connecticut, has just unveiled their gorgeous new luxury house on their amazing premises called “Tall Tales”.

Credit to: Nicholas Contrera

I for one am always super impressed by anyone who comes from a small town like I am and makes it big in a city like Manhattan, where millions of people are trying to leave some type of impressionable footprint before they leave this earth.  To accomplish a lot of that footprint in your early 20’s just shows the type of drive and talent one must have to succeed.  This can be said about one of the hottest rising stars in the art world, Nicholas Contrera.

Credit to: Justin Hall & Dave Davenport

What an exciting accomplishment it is to combine the forces of so many talented people in the LGBT comic business and create a special, one of a kind book to display just how amazing the people, stories and backgrounds are of each?  That is what is happening this month with the launch of an amazing new Kickstarter campaign for a book called “Hard To Swallow”, a gay erotic comics anthology created by “No Straight Lines” Justin Hall and “Feral And The Ghostskaters” Dave Davenport. The campaign for this book to be released is going on now until March 1st, and for anyone in the LGBT community, this is something that you should really get involved in to help the art world and for these great people to showcase their work.