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Latin Beet Kitchen
Credit: Latin Beet Kitchen

Fast casual places seem to be on the rise here in Manhattan, and we aren’t talking about the conglomerate types that are trying to ruin this amazing city.  Whether its sushi, sandwiches, poke or more, fast casual has become the new it thing for Manhattanites to enjoy no matter what the cuisine is.  Latin Beet Kitchen, which is located right in the heart of Flatiron, is another great example of this concept only for them they are excelling ten fold at Latin cuisine meets healthy ingredients meets happy faces.

Antigone Rising
Credit: Antigone Rising Facebook Page

Here’s a fun word: concert.  Here’s another fun word: free.  Here’s a fun and great saying: for a great cause.  Combine all three and you get the 4th Annual BeachFest, kicking off on Saturday, September 16th out on Long Island at the Sea Cliff Beach Pavilion.  All-female country rockers Antigone Rising will be headlining this wonderful event which will bring awareness and raise money for a fantastic organization that they are part of.  Girl power indeed!

Liam Knox
Credit: TitanMen

I first met the dashingly handsome Liam Knox a couple of months ago, when he was in Manhattan for the Black Party and all of its debauchery.  We sat down for what became a three hour lunch (the best, in my opinion) where the TitanMen exclusive told me all about himself and where he got to where he is.  He, just like many of the other men in the industry that i have met and interviewed, has a fantastic backstory to him that elevated not only his charm and good looks but above all his heart to a level that I don’t think I have seen before.

National French Fry Day
Credit: The Same Paige

Every single day in the calendar year has some sort of holiday that celebrates everything including animals, food, drink and more (we just celebrated National Fried Chicken Day last month).  Today, we celebrate the salty & potato-ey goodness that is french fries!  July 13th marks National French Fry Day, and several restaurants around Manhattan are celebrating in a big way and want you to share in all of its deliciousness!

Credit: Martha FitzSimon

Welcome to my personal shame. I grew up hating garden-fresh tomatoes. Every time I admit this I feel like I should have my identify protected, filmed in blurry profile behind a screen with my voice modulated. I’d like Darth Vader if that’s an option.

Umami Burger
Credit: Peter Garritano

With almost ten years under its belt, Umami Burger has gone on the fast track to being one of the best fast-casual locations across the country.  After having three successful locations scattered across New York City, they have added a fourth one to the mix as their newest spot inside the gorgeous Hudson Hotel just opened up yesterday for the public to enjoy.  We got a first hand look at the newest Umami Burger, and were thrilled with the results.

gm burger bar
Credit: GM Burger Bar

I’m always one to recommend getting out of the concrete jungle of Manhattan for a day or two and heading out east to Long Island, especially during the summertime where its beauty truly peaks.  GM Burger Bar, with its location smack dab in the heart of Massapequa Park, is an excellent example of a fantastic restaurant to stop by on your way out to Montauk, The Hamptons or if you are sticking around the Nassau County area.  I stopped by there over the weekend to experience this finger licking good spot and was quite pleased with what they provided throughout the course of the evening.

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse
Credit: Uncle Jack's Steakhouse

Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse has been delighting Manhattanites and their taste buds for over twenty years now, with its first location opening up back in 1996.  With two spots available in Midtown and Hell’s Kitchen, Uncle Jack’s sets themselves apart with its ambiance, sophisticated service, and fantastic food options that make this place one of our favorites we have stopped by in quite some time.

Davis Mallory
Credit: Project Publicity

Davis Mallory has had an interesting decade since we first saw him on The Real World: Denver which aired a decade ago.  After becoming known nationwide for not only that show but his subsequent appearances on The Challenge, Davis has done a complete 180 and made music the focus of his career.  He has spent the past four years writing and developing music that has now been put together on a remarkable first effort called “Loud”, which is available for purchase today.

Credit: Sushi by Bou

A lot of what is missing in the culinary scene in Manhattan today is a sense of wonderment and excitement, as a lot of what we eat tends to get redundant really quickly.  Sushi by Bou brings a level of enchantment and uniqueness that I have not experienced at a restaurant in quite some time, and this 200 square foot location just might be your next guilty pleasure for the summertime and beyond.