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Sugar Momma is Manhattan’s Best Kept Secret… Up Until Now

Sugar Momma
Credit: Sugar Momma NYC

Who doesn’t love a hidden gem to rave about in Manhattan?  So many spaces in The Big Apple are cleverly placed throughout the area that may not catch the eye at first, but once you discover just how amazing they are, you are going to want to tell your friends all about them so they can have their own experience as well.  Sugar Momma is one of the best kept foodie secrets in Manhattan, but we are about to blow the lid off that with this yummy review.

A Manhattanite in Butler County, Ohio: Where to Eat? (Part Two)

Credit: Combs BBQ

We are back with part two of our travel series in Butler County, Ohio, where they fed us with so much delicious food during our time there, that it was hard to fit into only one article!  The first feature detailed some of their best local eateries, including spots that served some tasty items like seafood, steak and even had us embarking on a MAJOR doughnut trail that we still wish we were on today.  This time around, we are concluding our foodie section of our trip with some tasty BBQ, burgers and more.

Alexander Millar’s ‘Everyday Heroes’: A Night at the Fire Museum

Alexander Millar
Credit: Luis Familia

The fire museum is not a museum filled with actual fire. It’s a collection of firefighter memorabilia with a gift shop downstairs, and, on the evening of April 3rd, a makeshift gallery on the third floor.

Basil Twist’s ‘Symphonie Fantastique’ is Underwater Magic

Symphonie Fantastique
Photo: Symphonie Fantastique Created by Basil Twist Featuring Pianist Christopher O’Riley Puppeteers: Kate Brehm​, Ben Elling​, Andy Gaukel​, Jonothon Lyons​, and Lake Simons Lighting Design by Andrew Hill Associate Lighting Design by Ayumu "Poe" Saegusa; Dress rehearsal photographed: Monday, March 26, 2018; 7:30 PM at HERE Arts Center,145 Sixth Ave. NYC; Photograph: © 2018 Richard Termine. PHOTO CREDIT - Richard Termine

There’s a famous quote about mallards that has been attributed both to actor Michael Caine and Canadian ice hockey player Fred Shero:  “Be like a duck. Stay calm on the surface but paddle like hell underneath.” After a cursory google search, I learned that the whole metaphor is incorrect due to biological evidence.

Bushwick’s Dru Cutler Discusses Latest Release ‘Bring Closer the Distance’

Dru Cutler
Credit: Vladimir Weinstein

In the days leading up to the album release of Dru Cutler’s Bring Closer the Distance, the musician is expectedly excited. The Bushwick-based artist will be holding an album-release party at Pianos on April 7th, and then holding a vinyl-listening party for the record on April 13th. Making several high-profile appearances in the past few weeks (including an interview and performance on BRIC TV), and just returning from a tour, Cutler has made great strides to make himself visible in the vast landscape that is indie-rock.

Review: The Barrow Group’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’

A Walk in the Woods
Photo by Edward T. Morris

In 1988, Lee Blessing’s play A Walk in the Woods premiered on Broadway.  That same year, the United States held a summit meeting with the Soviet Union to discuss arms control, nuclear and space talks, human rights, and other vital issues.  Ultimately, nuclear war was averted.

Step Up Your Meal Prep Game with These Fairway Market Recipes!

Fairway Market
Credit: Fairway Market

Even though we are still experiencing freezing weather in the month of April, the facts are this: it’s not only spring, but it’s also meal prep time!  Fairway Market, one of our favorite grocery chains in and out of Manhattan, wants you to get your meal prep game in on the best way possible by providing some delicious recipes that will spruce up your everyday lunch while keeping you energized and focused as the day goes on.

Dylan’s Candy Bar in Union Square is Whimsically Incredible

Dylan's Candy Bar
Credit: Dylan's Candy Bar

I have been able to do some pretty incredible things for Manhattan Digest over the years, but my experience at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Union Square ranks as one of the most fun I’ve ever had for so many reasons. This particular location goes beyond simply selling sweets and candy, as it tells a fantastic story on how it came to be and why it will be one of the most fun spots to go to this spring and summer.

Bob Martin: A Handful of Cards, A Head Full of Comedy

Bob Martin
Photo by Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

Bob Martin has brought theater nerds (The Drowsy Chaperone) Christmas elves (Elf: The Musical), and athletic senior citizens (Half Time) to life on stage. Currently, he’s breathing new life into gangsters in a musical stage adaptation of The Sting. The 1973 film about a pair of con-men in 1930s Chicago starred Robert Redford and Paul Newman and earned 7 Academy Awards.

INDAY Go Go Deliciously Opens Up Inside Urbanspace Lexington

Credit: INDAY Go Go

Food halls are becoming one of the biggest trends in Manhattan, which is something that we’ve noticed over the past year with spots like Pennsy Food Hall, City Kitchen and Gotham West Market.  Urbanspace Lexington is the Upper East Side’s version of what a food hall is supposed to be, and it has a new entry inside its spacious building with INDAY Go Go, which is a fast casual eatery serving some of the most delicious Indian cuisine we have ever had.