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The Wilson in NoMad is a New Take on American Cuisine

Tom Schaefer
Credit: Tom Schaefer

Simple, straightforward and delicious are just three terms I can describe when it came to my experience at The Wilson in NoMad. Their take on American cuisine blended right in with the overall ambiance and experience I had when I stopped by there right after the Christmas holiday.

Here’s What Dylan’s Candy Bar Has Planned for a Yummy 2019

Dylan's Candy Bar
Credit: Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is that one place in Manhattan that goes above and beyond to give its customers an incredibly whimsical experience each time they visit. 2019 will be no different, as they will be rolling out the tasty red carpet in a variety of ways that will be nothing short of simply delicious for everyone who enters their store.

Brooklyn Native Angela LaRosa Discusses Her Book ‘Smile! Be Happy!’

Angela LaRosa
Credit: Legacy Projects

The title of Angela LaRosa’s book should resonate with anyone who is having a hard time keeping their chin up in the world we live in today. Smile! Be Happy! Life Lessons From an Uncommon Housewife dives into the trials and tribulations she’s gone through in her life and how she manages to still see things from a glass half full point of view all this time later.

Chef Spotlight: Staten Island’s Culinary Wizard Peter Botros

Peter Botros
Credit: Peter Botros

Peter Botros is someone that I got to know very well last year when I first dined at his establishment Violette’s Cellar. I rarely head outside Manhattan, let alone my own borough, so I knew it was going to be a trek to get to Staten Island but it was worth it in the end as the food and experience was nothing short of stellar. Then I got to know Peter and it only enhanced my view of his location and what a great guy he is.

Welcome Back Fao Schwarz… We’ve Missed You So

FAO Schwarz
Credit: Richard Cadan

Iconic locations in New York City keep on closing and closing and closing. When FAO Schwarz shut their original space down a couple of years ago, my heart was broken. Many others were as well. Well, they are back, and better than ever, in a new space that is worth the visit, the happiness, the nostalgia and more.

Atlas Kitchen is a Fun & Fresh Chinese Restaurant Concept

Atlas Kitchen
Credit: Atlas Kitchen

It’s hard to find a concept that hasn’t been introduced in Manhattan. Many food snobs like myself feel like we’ve seen it all… however Atlas Kitchen proved this guy wrong by introducing a new take on what a Chinese restaurant can truly be.

Why The Hummus & Pita Co is Still so Delicious All These Years Later

Hummus & Pita Co
Credit: The Hummus & Pita Co

We have officially entered into the 2019 calendar year. January is always a month where millions of people vow to work out and eat healthier. Whereas I can’t help in the workout department for our Manhattan Digest readers right now, one thing I can assist with is how to eat better but still wholeheartedly enjoy the plate of food you are devouring. Enter in The Hummus & Pita Co.

Exclusive with Burgeoning Actress and Musician Linda Collins

Linda Collins
Credit: Linda Collins

The world of entertainment almost requires you to be talented in more than one medium nowadays. This rings true for Linda Collins, who has excelled in the world of acting and music over the course of her burgeoning career.

Simply Delicious: 5 Great Places to Eat on New Year’s Day

New Year's Day
Credit: Bagatelle

Start your 2019 off right, at least in the foodie way, by dining at these amazing locations on New Year’s Day. Each provide something tasty, yummy, delicious and more for you and your friends to enjoy to celebrate the hopeful beginning of another year in our lives.

The Green Room 42 Gains Momentum in 2018

Frances Ruffelle. Photo by JR Rost.

Just when you thought cabaret spots were dead, along comes The Green Room 42 to prove that they are still alive and thriving.  Since 2017, this beautiful space nestled in Midtown West’s Yotel Hotel has been attracting both Broadway stars and aspiring talent to its stage.