Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Brooklyn Ballet Keeps on Movin’ with Live Version of ‘The Nutcracker’

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Gianelli PR

Even Covid couldn’t break a stalwart like The Nutcracker. Brooklyn Ballet, like countless other arts organizations, had to nimbly change their programming in 2020. Yet they pulled off the Herculean feat this weekend by being the only company in New York City to perform a live production of the beloved Christmas classic.  

Veggie Grill Will Be Your Next Fabulous Fast Casual Dining Experience

Veggie Grill
Credit: Veggie Grill

Looking to indulge in a delicious lunch that is healthy and flavorful all at the same time? Allow me to introduce you to Veggie Grill, a fast casual restaurant that will check off all your boxes when it comes to filling your belly with something truly tasty.

CheLi’s Delectable Shanghai Menu Excels in the East Village

Credit: CheLi

I have had many yummy meals throughout New York City, especially in the East Village where there are several hidden gems to discover. CheLi, located in the middle of St. Mark’s Place, is easily one of the best dining experiences I’ve had all year and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Sticky’s Finger Joint is a Deliciously Saucy Place to Try

Sticky's Finger Joint
Credit: Sticky's Finger Joint

Sticky’s Finger Joint has a lot going for it which makes it one of the best fast casual places in Manhattan. First, it has multiple locations sprawled across New York City. Secondly, it’s finger licking good with its array of incredible chicken fingers options and sooooo much more.

How Are People in Manhattan Adjusting to a Lifestyle Based Indoors?

Photo by Jose Francisco Fernandez Saura from Pexels

2020 has brought with it all manner of big changes to our lives. The rise of COVID-19 is continuing to affect our work, our hygiene, and even the way that we socialize. For the people of Manhattan and New York State, it’s been a particularly rough ride.

Gray Hawk Grill is a Delicious New Addition in The Upper East Side

Gray Hawk Grill
Credit: Gray Hawk Grill

Gray Hawk Grill’s elegant appearance, fantastic dishes and so much more make this spot a welcomed addition to the Upper East Side.

Live Axe – Perfect New Spot For a New Yorker to Find a New Recreation

Live Axe
Credit: Live Axe

Social distancing has unfortunately put a damper on many people’s personal hobbies, which while upsetting can still act as a segue for people to gain new interests. New York still offers a plethora of different venues for people to find new ways to spend their free time, and Soho just opened a new spot that’s actually a bit foreign for the city of New York.

Bar Beau – Still Hip and Thriving in The Williamsburg Neighborhood

Bar Beau
Credit: Bar Beau

With winter fast approaching, many New Yorkers are likely wondering if their bar/café rituals will have to hibernate till the spring. Outside dining has been the norm since pandemic restrictions were lifted, and restaurants are now worried that patrons aren’t going to want to make a further adaptation of adjusting to being in colder climates with their food and drink. Fortunately though, several establishments seem to have a sturdy plan to survive during the colder months and offer attractive dining and service that customers will simply not be able to resist. Bar Beau is one such location.

Reconnecting, Even Through a Computer Screen

Photo by Alex Knight

It’s not a shocking revelation that most of us are zoom fatigued. While modern video-call technology has allowed us to keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and relatives, it’s also proven to zap our eyes and concentration.

Cohabs Makes Its Way To Brooklyn This Month: Why You Should Check In

Credit: Oleg March

What begun in Europe has made its way to New York and could be the next big thing in how you live and breathe in our area. Meet Cohabs, an incredible shared living experience that will open its doors in Brooklyn this month.