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Credit: Sushi by Bou

A lot of what is missing in the culinary scene in Manhattan today is a sense of wonderment and excitement, as a lot of what we eat tends to get redundant really quickly.  Sushi by Bou brings a level of enchantment and uniqueness that I have not experienced at a restaurant in quite some time, and this 200 square foot location just might be your next guilty pleasure for the summertime and beyond.

Oso Apparel
Credit: Leonardo Gutierrez

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at Luigi and Pikachu ever again, and you know what… that’s fine!  The bear world has been abuzz on social media this week, as these incredibly hot and amazing recreations of characters from Super Smash Bros have been popping up all over the place!  This is all courtesy of Oso Apparel, who has set their mission to create bear apparel for “bear lovers, geeks, and fashion-forward folk”, according to their Facebook page with the Super Smash bears series and so much more.  Seems to be doing the trick so far.

Credit: YOTEL

New Yorkers are known for appreciating a weekend away to a serene place, whether it be alone or in company with friends and family. Something about leaving on Friday and returning on a Sunday that just screams “I’m here to release“.

QB House
Credit: O Planning

Manhattan is one of the busiest cities in the world, and with that business comes the ever so present fact that taking time to do our errands can be nearly impossible.  This includes getting our haircut, but luckily there is a new place in town that will give you one in 10 minutes or less that will leave you looking sophisticated, stylish and more.  This all happens at QB House, which just opened in Midtown less than a month ago.

Credit: Tatiana Eva-Marie

Those that feel that Jazz is a dead genre in Brooklyn’s music scene clearly haven’t looked hard enough. In fact, all one needs to do is pop their head into The Keep, an eclectic bar/salon on the Ridgewood/Bushwick border, and they might find themselves encompassing an aura that isn’t felt too often in the information age. As retrospective as a speakeasy while also possessing the social exuberance of a dive bar, The Keep holds a regular impromptu jazz jam session every Wednesday night, and one of the event’s most frequent regulars happens to be one of the most recognizable millennials working in the jazz scene today.

Credit: Keste Pizzeria

I am someone who has had their fare share of pizza in my lifetime, and generally love each slice that I “gavone” each time I have it.  Keste Pizzeria, which is located on Gold Street in the heart of the financial district, just might be some of the best pizza I have ever had here in Manhattan.  And given that this is one of the cities where pizza runs supreme, it can truthfully mean a lot to stand at the front of the pack for this sort of culinary treat.

Credit: Mirabelle

Mirabelle, which is part of the fabulous Lessings properties, is a fantastic reason why you need to head out east to Long Island this summer.  This stunning location, which is in the heart of the beautiful town of Stony Brook, boasts gorgeous views (both inside and out), delicious farm to table cuisine and so much more which makes Mirabelle one of the best restaurants in Long Island that we have ever written about.

Indian Restaurants
Credit: Jason Greenspan

We have found two fantastic new Indian restaurants, one in the Upper East Side and one in Hell’s Kitchen, that you must try this summer!  Both offer an array of classic and modern Indian dishes with a delicious twist, as well as a beautiful setting and surroundings to make your dining experience that much better!

Whipped Cream
Credit: Paul Kasmin Gallery

A marriage on the stage between contemporary “lowbrow” pop surrealist Mark Ryden and 19th to 20th Century German opera composer Richard Strauss is unexpected. Yet the Ryden-designed “Whipped Cream,” an adaptation of Strauss’s 1924 ballet by the same name in Austrian, “Schlagobers,” played at the Met Opera from May 23 to July 1, and the marriage made sense. It even carried a warning, in spite of both artists’ intent to eschew morals.

Credit: Nicoletta Amato Photography

Wahlburgers just might be your new casual dining hotspot this summer and beyond in Manhattan.  Its first location in NYC opened up earlier this year to much fanfare and hype, given the history of not only its restaurant but the reality series of the same name that has aired on the A&E network for seven seasons.  With its superstar brothers behind it (Mark & Donnie), as well as its owner and head chef Paul creating the endless ideas for Wahlbugers menus, it seems as if the Boston based franchise is here to stay in The Big Apple.