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Le Grand Voyage Takes Us On a Journey Through Hennessy


There are many justifications on why Hennessy remains the top-selling Cognac in the world, one of those reasons being the fact that they never disappoint the consumer. With the recent release of their Master Blend, this purveyor of cognac has everyone wondering what is next.

Theater Review: “At the Illusionist’s Table”

Scott Silven. Photo courtesy of OMDKC

Within seconds of entering the hip and trendy McKittrick Hotel, one gets the feeling that the ghost of a dead relative or a horrible school teacher from the past will emerge. The cavernous space on West 27th street hearkens to a gilded age reserved only for the poshest and most sophisticated clientele. At the same time, it invokes an eerie, yet alluring quality that can only be experienced to be truly understood.

City Kitchen’s Diverse Culinary Menu Lights Up Times Square

City Kitchen
Credit: Row NYC

City Kitchen, located inside the fabulous Row NYC Hotel, is one of the few reasons this Manhattanite will actually make the trip to Times Square.  Most people who live here despise heading towards the biggest tourist trap in the world, but this location provides multiple culinary options inside that make it worth getting through all that foot traffic and sitting down for something really, really good.

MáLà Project​ Introduces Me to the Delicious Chinese Dry Pot

Credit: MáLà Project​

Although it came two months late, the cold weather is finally here in Manhattan.  When it comes to being a foodie, something that I really love during these months is the ability to try a variety of foods that will keep you warm and satisfied as the weather gets colder and colder.  A new type of cuisine that I have never tried before, Chinese Dry Pot, is one of those examples and I was able to indulge in that and so much more at the wonderful MáLà Project​ in the East Village.

Junior’s Restaurant Offering Slices of Cheesecake for 67 CENTS Today!

Credit: Junior's

Let’s make this pretty simple.  Many of us (myself included) are on a budget here in Manhattan.  Even something like cheesecake can be considered a luxury, given how expensive some restaurants price them at.  Guess what?  Today, you get to have a delicious and mouthwatering slice of cheesecake for only 67 CENTS!  You heard that right… 67 CENTS, and it’s all going down at the legendary Junior’s Restaurant and Bakery.

We Asked, ‘What’s Your Favorite Restaurant in Manhattan?’

Credit: Empellon Restaurant

Manhattan is king when it comes to the best restaurants in the world.  There, we said it!  The cat really isn’t out of the bag here, as it’s sort of common that our city is the best when it comes to the best culinary wonderments many of us have ever tasted.  So question is… which is your favorite restaurant to go to in Manhattan?

‘Top Chef’ Sheldon Simeon Debuts Second Signature Bowl with Pokéworks

Sheldon Simeon
Credit: Pokéworks

We fell in love with Pokéworks earlier this year, when the fast-casual favorite opened up its brand new location in the heart of Union Square.  They are part of a bunch of new spots that are taking the phrase “fast casual” and elevating them in terms of the quality of ingredients you can devour during your lunch break and more.  Top Chef star Sheldon Simeon, who has been a partner of the brand for quite some time, has just debuted his second signature bowl with them.

Rainbow Room’s Harvest Moon Pop-Up Bar Debuts Today

Rainbow Room
Credit: Rainbow Room

One of the best “iconic” locations that you must stop by, whether you live in Manhattan or visiting, is Rainbow Room which sits at the top of Rockefeller Center.  Just the surroundings of where its located should be enough, as you are around Bryant Park, Times Square and so much else that makes Manhattan special.  Today, they released the new dates for their Harvest Moon Pop-Up Bar for a limited time only.  Here’s why this Autumn-inspired hotspot is worth the trip.

What are the Best Thanksgiving Spots in Manhattan?

Credit: The Lambs Club

If you are a lover of the holidays, but don’t want to spend hours in front of a stove (like me), then you have zero problem with heading to a fantastic restaurant who will provide an epic feast for you and your friends/family.  Thanksgiving is one of those holidays, and some of the best spots here in Manhattan are going above and beyond to ensure that your “turkey day” is memorable.

Stars Aligned for “The 24 Hour Plays On Broadway”

Marsha Norman and Christopher Durang . Photo by Jenny Anderson

The who’s who of the theater world descended upon the American Airlines theatre this past Monday night, Oct 30th for the 17th annual The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway. In conjunction with The Lilly Awards, the night also honored the work of Marsha Norman through their Artistic Advocacy Award.