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Two in One! Celebrate National Bagel & Lox Day at Junior’s Restaurant!

Junior's Restaurant
Credit: Junior's Restaurant

If there is one food that Manhattanites love more than anything else, it is arguably a bagel.  Let’s face it: we have it better than anyone else in the world when it comes to the quality of these carb-filled delicacies, and there is even a national holiday that celebrates our love for a bagel.  Friday, February 9th marks National Bagel and Lox Day, and Junior’s Restaurant is doing something special in honor of the big day.

Coyote Ugly Saloon Celebrates 25th Anniversary in True Rocker Fashion!

Coyote Ugly
Credit: Antoine Debrill

25 years in New York City is equivalent to about 100 for any sort of establishment, as the turnover rate here is quite shocking and astonishing.  Luckily, there are a couple of fantastic and legendary spaces that have stood the test of time due to its iconic setting and what it’s brought to the table since it opened many years ago.  One of those places happens to be Coyote Ugly Saloon, which celebrated their 25th anniversary of being opened this past weekend.  Giddy up.

Cheers! Spend Your Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day with Three Olives Vodka

Three Olives Vodka

It’s that time of year again everyone, you know  where we celebrate everything associated with love, yes Valentines Day! This Valentines Day let’s ditch the regular dinner plans and spend the season with Three Olives Vodka.

Put Some South in Your Mouth: Javelina Opens 2nd Location in the UES

Credit: Javelina

A cuisine that is unfortunately very underrepresented here in Manhattan happens to be Tex-Mex, or if I could go further than that… southern cooking.  With all of these random and weird fusion places opening and closing all over the city, its good to see places like Javelina expand on a concept that is a simple and classic as peanut butter and jelly, as their Tex-Mex options were nothing short of delicious.

One on One With ‘Cruel Intentions: The Musical’ Stars Lauren Zakrin and Carrie St. Louis

Cruel Intentions
Credit: Jenny Anderson

There’s something happening in the New York theatre right now.  Something so deliciously indulgent, so wonderfully hysterical, so ridiculous, so sexy, so generous to its audiences, such a joy on every visceral level, that I won’t even attempt to break it down in any meaningful manner.  In this time of ours in which important statements are begging to be made and the nation is in dire need of high-level discourse, so is born the equal and opposite need to embrace the joy of the divinely-executed lowbrow.

Score! What are the Best Places to Watch the Super Bowl in NYC?

Super Bowl
Credit: Mastro's Steakhouse

Thinking about heading out on Sunday night to watch Super Bowl 52? Whether you root for The New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, chances are that you want to be in a great environment surrounded by delicious food and drinks… and maybe something extra.  Luckily, we’ve got you covered!

Show Some Love: Where are the Best Valentine’s Day Spots in the City?

Valentine's Day
Credit: Egg Shop

Valentine’s Day is shortly upon us, and whether you are single, in a relationship, an open relationship, polyamorous or everything in between, there is still something to celebrate.  Manhattan has no shortage of fabulous restaurants to go to to celebrate the day of love, but which are truly the best?

Touchdown! The NFL Experience is a Must For All Ages

NFL Experience

If you enjoy football and everything about the sport then The NFL Experience is for you. As enthusiasts gear up for Super Bowl 52, I can see why this interaction is growing in popularity.

RSVP! Where are the Best Ultimate Dinner Party Spaces in Manhattan?

Dinner Party
Credit: The Grand at SkyView Parc

Whether it’s a girls night out, celebrating your upcoming birthday or partying it up over your latest promotion, there is always a good reason to throw a fabulous dinner party in Manhattan.  So why not go beyond the typical “dive bar” setting and find something that is truly unique, fun and extraordinary to party it up with?

La Chula Rolls Out Delicious New Items to Devour in 2018 and Beyond

La Chula
Credit: La Chula

Situated in Grand Central and East Harlem, La Chula has become one of the best spots to get authentic tacos and ceviches in Manhattan.  And for good reason, as both locations are jam packed with several hungry customers who always have a happy face on once they leave.  With 2018 underway, La Chula has quite a lot of delicious items on the way to keep their original customers happy and bring some new ones in the process.