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375° Thrice Cooked Fries
Credit: 375° Thrice Cooked Fries

The Lower East Side is one of our favorite places for peculiar food adventures. On every corner there are cute spots filled with all kinds of cuisines or novelty food experiences.  This includes the salty potato delicacy known as french fries.  Enter in… 375° Thrice Cooked Fries.  

Spa Castle
Credit: Spa Castle

Living in and around Manhattan can be incredibly stressful, especially on the body.  It is good that at least once a month we indulge ourselves in something that will be us feel better physically and spiritually.  Spa Castle, in College Point, Queens, is the perfect example of the “Treat Yo Self” mentality in that it provides an incredible amount of amenities to enjoy and recharge your batteries in doing so.

Phoebe Lapine
Photo courtesy of DKC/O&M.

Phoebe Lapine is not a buzzkill. She’s not interested in taking pleasure from your life. Nor is she going to judge you if you order one more drink or eat another brownie. Her goal is health- for herself —and for you.

Manhattan Aesthetics

In New York City facials come a dime a dozen, and guess what?  I don’t mind trying them all. There is always some unique beauty trend popping up to amuse the complex needs of everyone’s skin. The Collagen Bar, located at their new space on 6 East 39th Street inside Manhattan Aesthetics, knows exactly what we crave which is why they’re taking facials to the next level.

Treadwell Park
Credit: Merchants Hospitality

Treadwell Park, one of the Upper East Side’s newest gems and a great place to eat while enjoying some games and fun, has introduced a limited time Summer Farmhouse Fresh Menu to its audience.  Available until July 25th, this menu boasts some fantastic hearty plates with ales that draw references locally and internationally at the same time.

Credit: Pergola

Pergola is a great example of a fantastic restaurant to head to that isn’t too far away from areas of Manhattan that are truly popular like Times Square and Penn Station for instance.  The bilevel bistro is located in the fabulous flower district, where its location once was an actual flower shop that has now transformed into a Mediterranean feast of sorts for thousands of followers to enjoy.  This past Thursday, they threw a big party to celebrate some new things they have planned for the summer that include Petal Pops, Picnic Crates, and more!

Latin Beet Kitchen
Credit: Latin Beet Kitchen

Fast casual places seem to be on the rise here in Manhattan, and we aren’t talking about the conglomerate types that are trying to ruin this amazing city.  Whether its sushi, sandwiches, poke or more, fast casual has become the new it thing for Manhattanites to enjoy no matter what the cuisine is.  Latin Beet Kitchen, which is located right in the heart of Flatiron, is another great example of this concept only for them they are excelling ten fold at Latin cuisine meets healthy ingredients meets happy faces.

Antigone Rising
Credit: Antigone Rising Facebook Page

Here’s a fun word: concert.  Here’s another fun word: free.  Here’s a fun and great saying: for a great cause.  Combine all three and you get the 4th Annual BeachFest, kicking off on Saturday, September 16th out on Long Island at the Sea Cliff Beach Pavilion.  All-female country rockers Antigone Rising will be headlining this wonderful event which will bring awareness and raise money for a fantastic organization that they are part of.  Girl power indeed!

Liam Knox
Credit: TitanMen

I first met the dashingly handsome Liam Knox a couple of months ago, when he was in Manhattan for the Black Party and all of its debauchery.  We sat down for what became a three hour lunch (the best, in my opinion) where the TitanMen exclusive told me all about himself and where he got to where he is.  He, just like many of the other men in the industry that i have met and interviewed, has a fantastic backstory to him that elevated not only his charm and good looks but above all his heart to a level that I don’t think I have seen before.

National French Fry Day
Credit: The Same Paige

Every single day in the calendar year has some sort of holiday that celebrates everything including animals, food, drink and more (we just celebrated National Fried Chicken Day last month).  Today, we celebrate the salty & potato-ey goodness that is french fries!  July 13th marks National French Fry Day, and several restaurants around Manhattan are celebrating in a big way and want you to share in all of its deliciousness!