Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Angel of Harlem Remains a Heavenly Place To Dine & Dish At

Angel of Harlem
Credit: Angel of Harlem

Angel of Harlem is simply put a darn good place to be. Take contemporary American cuisine with Latin & Caribbean flavors and mix it within a fabulous setting and some tunes to dance to and you are guaranteed to have an extremely fun night ahead.

Yum! Auntie Anne’s Has You Covered For National Pretzel Month

National Pretzel Month
Credit: Auntie Anne's

Rejoice pretzel lovers! October is officially National Pretzel Month, once again giving us another reason to indulge in this sinfully delicious treat in all of its glory. Auntie Anne’s, a staple here at Manhattan Digest, is of course doing something absolutely spectacular for the calorie-filled occasion.

Carnegie Diner & Cafe Remains a Delicious New York City Institution

Carnegie Diner
Credit: Carnegie Diner and Cafe

Carnegie Diner & Cafe reeks of what New York City has been all about for decades. It’s a fabulous spot in a fabulous area with fabulous food that is incredible fabulous. Get my point?

National Vodka Day is Here! Try These Yummy Recipes From CANTEEN

National Vodka Day

Not only is today National Taco Day but it is also National Vodka Day! So if you are looking to celebrate both at the same time then look no further because CANTEEN has provided us with some amazing recipes that will turn into a very yummy drink.

UK Bingo Halls at Risk Of Second Lockdown

Credit: Pexels

The economy is finally warming up after being frozen by the pandemic, but some businesses are still heavily affected. Online gambling operators and trusted bingo sites, including those offering bingo to enthusiastic players are weathering the storm better than their counterparts. However, land-based venues are struggling heavily to bring back their customers, in the wake of bingo halls reopening this summer. What was initially greeted as excellent news is likely to turn into a disaster, if the threat of a second lockdown comes to fruition.

Celebrate National Taco Day With a FREE TACO From Casa Del Toro!

National Taco Day
Credit: Casa Del Toro

National Taco Day has arrived! A delicacy that we enjoy all year round actually has its own special holiday. Casa Del Toro, a delicious hotspot located right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen, is going above and beyond to ensure you celebrate it in the most tasty of ways.

Travel Idea! Settle Into Poconos Comfort at The Settlers Inn

Credit: Settlers Hospitality

Well, here we are…eight months into the pandemic with nothing but Manhattan pavement to trod. Right? Think again. Thanks to the wise actions of Pennsylvania’s state government, they’ve managed to flatten the curve and keep COVID at bay, allowing for indoor dining and other activities. So off we go to The Poconos for a fun getaway.

Indoor Dining is Open in NYC Again: Why This is So Incredible

Indoor Dining
Credit: Pexels

Indoor dining, as of September 30, is back in action in NYC. The past seven months have been brutal for many of us, especially in the culinary world, and this particular writer couldn’t be happier that the people who make up this business are given another chance to showcase part of why this city is so spectacular.

3 Delicious Fall Recipes All About Meat From New York’s Mosner Family Brands

Mosner Family Brands
Credit: Ken Goodman

The fall season is particularly a special one for any person who enjoys grubbing down on a good piece of meat. There are so many amazing dishes from stews and more that is perfect for the cold weather we are experiencing. Luckily Mosner Family Brands, New York’s longest standing and family owned protein purveyor, has provided us with 3 yummy dishes for the fall.

National Coffee Day is Here: Why You Should Celebrate It With Dunkin’

National Coffee Day
Credit: Dunkin’

Decaf, hold the cream, a couple of extra shots, the list goes on. Today is a special holiday for all you coffee lovers out there as Wednesday, September 29 is officially National Coffee Day! The country’s leading coffee maker, Dunkin’, is doing something super special to celebrate the deliciously yummy occasion.