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Is the Future of Gaming Mobile?

Credit: Pexels

As an industry dependent on constantly evolving technology, gaming is, by its very nature, progressive. Some of these developments are difficult to predict, while others simply reflect the nature of improving processing capabilities. In the modern age, there are indications that mobile gaming could stand as the industry’s next focus.

Zusik is the Best New Restaurant in The West Village: Here’s Why

Credit: Zusik

Zusik is hands down my new favorite restaurant in the West Village and one that I’ll be going back to over and over again as the months progress. It’s hard for me to even write this right now as I wish I was back there enjoying the bevy of traditional and Korean fusion dishes that they provide. Seriously.

Spiritea in The East Village is Simply Delicious

Credit: Spiritea

Say goodbye to your boba and hello to Spiritea. This swanky tea spot is a recent addition to the East Village and is gonna give your go to boba tea spot a run for their money.

Company XIV’s ‘Queen of Hearts’: A Storm in Brooklyn Reigns Supreme

Photo credit: Mark Shelby Perry

Lewis Carroll continues to be cool.  Although the British author’s beloved story, Alice in Wonderland first appeared in 1885, it’s been translated in over 170 languages worldwide. In the last few years, the entertainment world has seen numerous adaptations of the book-including a film  from from director Tim Burton. Since 2012, Third Rail Projects Theater has placed the leading lady in a defunct hospital in Brooklyn with their site specific version, Then She Fell.  Earlier this year, MCC Theater set the story against the backdrop of London’s World War II Blitzgrieg with the Duncan Sheik musical, Alice By Heart.

Two Time Tony Nominee Vivian Reed Brings Brand New Show to Midtown

Vivian Reed
Photo by Mal Mace.

Vivian Reed is done with standards–at least for now. After two successful shows (Standards and More and Vivian Reed Sings Lena Horne) highlighting the American songbook, the two time Tony nominee is switching gears with a brand new show entitled Little Bit of Soul, Little Bit of Pop at Midtown’s Green Room 42 on Saturday, June 15th at 7 PM.  “I’ve made my contribution to standards. Now, I want to change genres and be more eclectic,”  she recently told Manhattan Digest over a cup of tea at an Upper West Side Cafe.

Theater Review: ‘Hillary and Clinton’- Shunning Shadows for a Spotlight

Hillary and Clinton
Zak Orth, Laurie Metcalf, John Lithgow in HILLARY AND CLINTON_Photo by Julieta Cervantes

What must it feel like to strive for something over the course of your entire life? To know with every fiber of your being that you were custom tailored to reach the highest level of political office in the United States of America-only to result in two devastating defeats? Its difficult to grasp the magnitude of such a loss, but Hillary Clinton knows the reality all too well. So does playwright Lucas Hnath, who has given us an alternative universe into the psyches of the first female presidental candidate and her former Presidental husband, Bill. Laurie Metcalf (Tony nominated for the role) and John Lithgow have been tasked with a Herculean challenge of embodying the power couple in Broadway’s Hillary and Clinton. Both of them succeed beyond the highest expectations.

Brooklyn’s Makes My Blood Dance Talks Beginnings, Blending Disco and Metal and More

Makes My Blood Dance
Credit: Makes My Blood Dance

Brooklyn’s very own Makes My Blood Dance is doing something that this writer has never heard of: taking the sounds of disco and metal and blending them into something that is truly awe-inspiring.

‘BLKS’ at MCC Theater Pushes Boundaries and Opens Minds

Chris Myers and Paige Gilbert. Photo by Deen van Meer.

Aziza Barnes has nothing against Lena Dunham, author of the hit HBO show Girls. Audiences and critics have likened Barnes’ play, BLKS – which premiered at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater–to Dunham’s series.Yet how many storylines of black, queer life have been depicted over the course of that 6 season television show? Answer: none.

Let’s Go! 3 Can’t Miss Food and Drink Events This Summer

Credit: Grand Bazaar

The options for food and beverage in New York City is endless year round, especially during the summer. Manhattanites are always looking for the next big thing when it comes to the bites we devour and the drinks we indulge in. Luckily there are three upcoming events that will satisfy you on both ends in several tasty ways.

Party Time! Where Are The Best Places to Go For Memorial Day?

Memorial Day
Credit: Mr. Purple

Happy Memorial Day everyone! A good portion of my fellow Manhattanites are off today which means you can either chill and relax or go out and have a blast all across the city.