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Monsieur Job on Their Meteoric Rise in the Music Industry

Monsieur Job
Credit: Monsieur Job

A trend that has occurred for several years now is primarily Spanish-speaking songs finding their way to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This dates all the way back to the mid-90’s when Los Del Rio released “Macarena” and has continued on from there with songs from J. Balvin, Luis Fonsi and several more just to name a few.

Talented Chefs Compete for a Spot Inside Urbanspace’s Lexington Avenue Market

Credit: Urbanspace

The opportunity to have your culinary space in Manhattan is one that many dreams about but is never able to conquer. That will easily change for one very talented up-and-coming New York City chef, as three of them are competing to have their own 3-month lease inside Urbanspace’s fabulous Lexington Avenue market in Midtown East as part of Citi’s Urbanspace Challenge.

Review: Theater East’s ‘Holy Ghosts’ is a Testament to Human Frailty

Photo by James M Wilson

If we’re alone in this world with no Higher Power to guide us, we are probably doomed.  If on the other we find ourselves favoring the faith of the characters in Romulus Linney’s  Holy Ghosts, we might want to pray for a third option.

Gabri Christa’s MAGDALENA Engages at TheaterLab

Credit: Kevin Yatarola

A small, black porcelain doll, gently bathed in a warm light, peacefully occupies center stage as theater-goers takes their seats. The light intensifies, and someone begins speaking; all eyes turn toward a voice coming from the the audience. As naturally as if speaking from her own living room, filmmaker/choreographer Gabri Christa proceeds to tell us how she first came to know the doll, originally given to her mother, Magdalena, and which eventually became her own. Upon first encountering the doll, Ms. Christa didn’t know that black dolls even existed, let alone how this one could have made its way into the hands of her mother as a little Dutch white girl.

5 Online Dating Mistakes All Men Should Try to Avoid


Are you looking for girls near me, but want to avoid going to bars or clubs? If so, you may think about going online. You aren’t alone – in fact, up to 40 percent of Americans have tried online dating at some point.

Theatre Review: A Cheerier Chekhov in Chinatown

Photo by Callum Adams

In the wrong hands, Anton Chekhov’s plays can be torture. Sure, the physician turned playwright offers one of the most prolific voices in classic theatre. His body of work has been referenced and emulated on a global scale.  Still, mediocre productions with lackluster acting abound, leaving audiences to ponder what negative karma they put in the world to deserve such a punishment.

The NYC Bacon and Beer Classic Gets Us Hungry and Thirsty at USTC

Bacon and Beer Classic
Credit: Clinton Hall

Two of New York City’s favorite type of food and drink, Bacon and Beer, came together in a very delicious way over the weekend as the United States Tennis Center played host to an annual event that celebrates both in the best way possible.

Chef Abe Conlon Excels on All Levels With Fat Rice

Fat Rice
Credit: Chris Leaman for Chef's Club

Chef Abe Conlon has flown east and taken his Chicago-based restaurant Fat Rice to our lovely city for a two-month residency at Chefs Club in Nolita. I’ll explain how good the food is in one simple sentence: we were there for five hours and didn’t stop eating until the place practically closed.

Theater Review: ‘Legacy: A Mother’s Song’ & ‘Sparks’


There is much to admire in Legacy: A Mother’s Song. Finn Anderson has assumed the challenge of wearing all three hats–book writer, lyricist, and composer. With his director, Tania Azevedo, the pair created this cross-generational story about how those who have gone before us shape us into who we are today. Philosophically, it poses contemplative questions, the greatest of which is the choice to conceive offspring and what they might impart to their own children.  


Areppas Deliciously Celebrates Their 1-Year Anniversary

Credit: Areppas

I love living in New York City for many reasons, one of which happens to be the endless amounts of culinary adventures one can take. Areppas, which is a fast-casual Venezuelan eatery, celebrated its 1-year anniversary earlier this week by showcasing some new items on their menu that were nothing short of absolutely delicious.