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Redeye Grill in Midtown West is Simply Spectacular

Redeye Grill
Credit: Giada Paoloni

Redeye Grill is one of those places that should only belong in Manhattan. The iconic NYC hotspot just opened its doors again after a kitchen fire shut it down for a period of time, but that was the furthest thing from my mind when me and my friend dined there recently and was blown away by everything they offered us from beginning to end.

I Adore Tropical Smoothie Cafe And Here’s Why You Will Too

Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Credit: Tropical Smoothie Cafe

The summer is still in full swing and with that comes quite a bit of travel that will take place over the next month. Long Island, an area I grew up in and love so much, is a place where Manhattanites will be heading to for some fun in the sun at their several beaches and scenic areas. Tropical Smoothie Cafe, a place that I will simply call heavenly for now, has locations all across LI that will provide you and your friends with an experience that goes beyond the word satisfying.

Comedian Heather McDonald Rocks The House at City Winery

Heather McDonald
Credit: Heather McDonald

I have been a huge fan of comedian Heather McDonald for over a decade now. She was one of my favorite panelists on Chelsea Lately back in the late 2000’s and my adoration for her and her unique sense of humor has continued to this present day. The California native stopped by Manhattan’s very own City Winery on Friday, July 26, for a show I won’t soon forget.

Celebrate National Cheesecake Day Today at Junior’s Restaurant!

Junior's Restaurant
Credit: Junior's Restaurant

Today is a day of epic proportions. It is a day to celebrate one of the best desserts out there: Cheesecake! July 30th is National Cheesecake Day, and the one place you must stop at in New York City to enjoy this tasty bit of heaven is Junior’s Restaurant on 49th Street.

Hennessy Partners With Artist Felipe Pantone on New Bottle Design


If you know Hennessy, then you are aware of how the brand embodies the legacy of “Never Stopping & Never Settling.” This year marks the 9th installment of them collaborating with an artist who embraces that exact motif to recreate an amazing new bottle design.

Toriko NY Provided Me With the Best Piece of Meat I’ve Ever Had

Toriko NY
Credit: Toriko NY

My mouth will never be the same after my amazing experience at Toriko NY in the West Village. The food that the chefs there provided me and my friend during our Omakase tasting was absolutely amazing, with one piece of meat that I’m still dreaming about to this day.

GITANO Garden of Love Brings Exoticism in Both Food and Environment

Gitano Garden of Love

A trip to the Mayan city of Tulum would be a lengthy trip for most New Yorkers, seeing that it rests on the southern tip of Mexico, but fortunately, a nice little piece of it available right in downtown Manhattan. GITANO’s Garden of Love, a tropical urban paradise in the heart of SoHo, re-opened for the season May 1st and has proven to be a riveting success.

&pizza Opens Up A Delicious New Location on Wall Street

Credit: &pizza

New York City just got that much more delicious. &pizza, one of the most unique and flavorful kinds of fast-casual spots in The Big Apple, has just opened up a brand new location in the heart of the Financial District on Wall Street.

GlampOut in the Berkshires At Club Getaway August 2-4

Club Getaway
Photo courtesy of Club GetAway

Gays and camping go together like Queen Elizabeth and a Monster truck rally. Ok. Perhaps I’m stereotyping, but it’s a relatively safe bet that camping is probably not the first idea that comes to mind when metropolitan gays want a break from the city.

Gigawatt Garden Likely To Become New Alternative Hotspot For Midtown Manhattan

Gigawatt Garden
Credit: Assante Public Relations

Those looking for a more niche and playful atmosphere amidst mid-town hustle and bustle are in luck. The Lure Group, a hospitality company based in the New York and committed to providing entertainment venues and restaurants, is launching a  Gigawatt Garden at Clinton Hall, which promises to provide patrons with ample food, drinks and music during the long (sometimes overbearingly) hot summer months.