meet at a bar

Tired of the same role playing routines?  Role playing no longer has to be limited to school girls and playing doctor.  Try these new themes when it comes to tantalizing your partner and bringing more excitement to the relationship!

1. TSA

Surprisingly, numerous women love TSAs.  Just think of how many dirty thoughts can run through your mind as your wait in that long security check-point line.  And hey, many of those TSAs are well, not bad at all.  If you own a blue button-up shirt and black dress pants you have a similar outfit for your signifiant other.  Pair this with handcuffs, gloves and a bat.  Talk dirty to your partner about them smuggling drugs or trying to bring a gun onto a plane and how they will have a price to pay for it.  They are sure to give up what you are looking for in no time.

2. The Workplace

Ever been an intern at a company and had a secret yet vivid crush on a person of authority?  Well, fulfill that fantasy now.  If you have a desk and business casual clothes you can always make this happen.  Tell your partner about the scenario, who the person of power was and let them do the rest.  What can you make happen with a few office supplies and an overly comfortable office chair?

3. Stranger

Go to a bar alone and tell your partner to meet you a little later.  Act as though you are single and just looking to meet new people by mixing and mingling at the bar.  When your signifiant other comes to hang out with you at the bar act as if you have never seen them before.  Do this by making up another name and identity for yourself.  Be someone you think would have unbelievable sex and try to stay in character for the rest of the night!  Find out what you two truly can do.  (This can also be applied to a hotel for an extra element of danger and adrenaline!)

4. Dominatrix

(Of course this will only be role playing if it is not something your are normally into.) Pretend you found your partner cheating and now need to teach them a lesson.   Numerous items can be used here, but try whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, small bats, beer bottles, hot wax, chains and more.   Know your partner’s limits, but make every moment worth it!

5. For Intellectuals

Do you get both heated and aroused by a good argument?  If so, pick a topic, do a little research, grab a bottle of wine and simply have at it!  Make a sexual prize for whomever wins the debate.  It’s a great opportunity to stimulate both the mind and body.

Is role playing something you enjoy often?  Share your stories…don’t worry, you don’t have to share you name, although you can if you wish!