Some of my clip-on earrings. Obsessed. Yes, I have them color coordinated. Guilty

GFs meet one of my fashion loves…. my costume/vintage clip-on earrings (I know I have a lot of clip-on earrings). Yes, I know 65+ babes only wear clip-ons and you have pierced ears. Which is exactly my point, no one else is! Be a trendsetter and rock a pair of clip-ons. These little time capsules are a classic look since they’re a blast from the fashion past. Honestly, I get compliments on my clip-ons all time… which why I know clip-ons will be making a comeback. MENTAL NOTE! Ladies, you’ve heard it from HonestFrugalChaos first .

Where to buy clip-on earrings?

If you want to rock a vintage pair the best place to shop is at a vintage/antique shop or my favorite place, a garage sale. Vintage not your thing, not a big deal Bloomies, Macys, and sometimes Marshalls has you covered. Most department stores still sell clip-on earrings for the senior citizen babes in their costume jewelry section. Might I add, frugal fashion tip, the jewelry clearance rack is usually full of them with ridiculous savings. I’m talking 50%-75% off. All the more reason to try and accessorize your look with a pair of clip-on earrings.

Watch out for more of my posts as a fashion/style contributor.  Stay weird. Be you. Wear costume jewelry. Rock vintage. Style with chaos.

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