HonestFrugalChaos is about to shake up Manhattan with these fashion tips from my HFC signature style. Enjoy yourself and hopefully these tips will inspire you and your style!

 1. Neon Boots To Fight The Winter Blues Away

 Seriously, we’re all bundled up like Eskimos of the Arctic so why not add a little positivity to your feet with some neon boots? Exactly. My neon blue ankle boots are a little ray of sunshine in a sidewalk filled with dark colors of Old Man Winter and of course they stand out of the crowd.  Plus, those blue bad boys and any other color neon boot will seriously match anything.  Yes, I mean anything and everything in your closet.  Put your go to black riding boots on the bench and substitute your neon boots in for score of fabulous in your style! GFs let’s give the streets of Manhattan a dose of HonestFrugalChaos!  My blue neon boots are Chinese Laundry and bought them off the clearance rack at Marshalls for $20.

2. GF You Need A Scarf Clip!

Add a dash of HFC to your scarf by adding a scarf clip. It’s a gorgeous vintage look that screams you’re a classy broad with an eccentric side, get’m girl!  Garage sales, Etsy, and your local vintage/antique shop are the best places to adventure for vintage scarf clips.  I love dressing up a plain sweater or shirt with a bright vintage silk scarf and a scarf clip!  Yes, rocking a scarf ring is another vintage look to try too! Frugal-Fashionista Tip: As an alternative try using an old hoop earring or ring to get the same look as a scarf clip without ever spending a dime.  Boom!


3. Clashing And Too Much Is The Point!

Wear a vintage pin/brooch or a necklace that clashes or is way too much with a pattern shirt. Best two ways to accomplish this signature style of HFC – 1. Pick a pin/necklace that is a color that does not match the color scheme whatsoever of the pattern of the shirt or 2. Add a pin/necklace that is a color you wish the pattern of the shirt had. Yes, it is that easy!  HFC signature style (image on left all pins and necklaces are vintage/costume jewelry) is a starting point to make the clashing look your own!  Pins are about to boom as a trend (including  costume/vintage) and couple that with the upcoming hot prints of the spring, that’s what I call a perfect storm for HonestFrugalChaos style!

Stay tuned for more style/fashion tips from your GF of style -HonestFrugalChaos! Stay weird. Wear vintage. Rock costume jewelry. Be you! What to know what a daily outfit of HonestFrugalChoas looks like? Check out HFC blog: honestfrugalchaos.tumblr.com  Follow HFC on Instagram & Twitter @hfc_style

All credit for picture belongs to HonestFrugalChaos.