Bravo Jane and Anna.  Bravo.  Timeless, stunning touches of detail, and superb craftsmanship is what Janeration’s Ready-To-Wear hand knitted collection is bringing to the table for 2013. The Cashmere Touch collection is about color, embellishments, leather, textures, crocheting,  and above all beautifully executed pieces. Jane Stankiene and Anna Kheyson are the duo behind this collection and they are a force to be reckon with. Jane brings her passion for creating and love of the outdoors growing up in Lithuania combined with Anna’s Ukrainian culture, industry know how,  and of course her creativity as the magic and inspiration for the Cashmere Touch collection.  I also had the honor to sit down with Jane Stankiene to ask her a few questions.

013Topaz: Woman's scoop neck dress with cardigan with crocheted long sleeves.053054
How did you go from a Engineer of Informatics into fashion and designing?
You know what happened,  I came to this country from Lithuania with no English.  I knew ‘I love you’ and thought this is one piece of English and it was a start.  Engineering work I had to write in English and it’s very difficult.  So I thought, what could I do best?  To create something.  I always was a creative person so I started to create knit pieces in Morris Plains, NJ.  People would stop me in stores about my creations, and that’s how I started my business.

What inspired this line?
I value and appreciate craftsmanship.  When things are handmade, they are always expensive.  I don’t mean in  money but in value and the meaning.  I always cherished the items that my Grandma and mom made for me and I still have it.  Being able to have a piece of fashion that you can wear for next 30 years is what our designs are all about.

What would you recommend to readers about going after your dream?
Have patience.  If you want something, sometimes in life you just need have patience.  Without English or anyone’s support I just knew I had to make something of myself here in America.  Somehow I was blessed with the right people in the right place at the right time to make this dream happen.

Thank you both Jane and Anna for allowing me to see your Cashmere Collection and Jane for the interview.  Great job on a beautiful collection at the Janeration Couture Fashion Week Show!