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Good news to all the men out there that decide not to shave more (or all) than your sisters and girlfriends- Scruff is in, and its here to stay.

A recent study founded that gay men preferred when their other half didn’t shave and kept things natural.  I usually don’t pay attention to studies like this as they are stupid because most of the time they only poll 10 people, but in this case I completely agree.

And this goes for both gay and straight men- seriously what are you doing shaving your whole body.  Unless you are Michael Phelps or that other douchebag Ryan Lochte where you have to shave in order to gain an inch or two on that competitor from some country I have never heard of in swimming, keep it real.

In my opinion, unless you are naturally not hairy or have a hard time growing body hair, I prefer someone I date to be naturally themselves.  I can understand a little manscaping once in a while, but when you look like the amount of body hair you shaved could turn into my new pet that I have to raise myself, please don’t bother messaging or approaching me.

Smart phone apps like Scruff and Growlr have in a way made this revolution even better, because when a man has Scruff it can also identify itself with masculinity.  Masculinity is something that many gay men want (myself included) and when you have that type of Scruffy look, it elevates that attraction to a whole other level.  Many a gay icons right now, from Bradley Cooper to Jake Gyllenhaal, do this well and understand their dual audience in gay men and women, hence why they are at at the forefront of everyone’s minds and pant inseam.

I say this goes for straight men as well.  I have a zillion girlfriends and they pretty much echo the same sentiment.  Many of them like the basic jeans and t-shirt guys, not the ones that spend two hours in the bathroom getting ready for a night out.  Put the freaking hair gel away, throw on a basic outfit, and go out.

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Keep it natural folks. And enjoy the picture or two I have inserted in here. Yay.


  1. Um, in my case I need the gel. Without it I have wild hair. 

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