Skrillex Grammy awards
Skrillex wins Dance Music categories at the 2013 Grammy Awards

So, unfortunately, my predictions for the winners in the Dance music category at the Grammy’s this year were off.  I must admit I had a feeling the outcome would be this way but I hoped that the Grammy board would step away from the commercial front runner and actually give it to someone with talent.

So Skrillex’s single Bangarang took home the Grammy for Best Dance Recording.  Yawn!  Dubstep is so 2011!  But I guess the Grammy awards didn’t get the memo.  Although I wanted SHM to take it I would’ve been happier to see Avicii win then Skrillex.

He also won Best Dance/Electronica Album.  I listened to Bangarang, the album, and was totally unaffected.  It was the same mechanical beats over and over.  Kaskade was definitely robbed, but I think this is just the beginning for Dance Music.  Hopefully in the years to come dance artists will be recognized for their talent and of their commercial appeal.

I am so tired of DUMBstep and Skrillex!  I’m sure everyone agrees!  First off, that hair!  Last night he looked like he hadn’t showered in months.  I get it, you’re a DJ and you’re so unique and special, but it’s the Grammy Awards!  Show some respect and wash your hair.

I am really angry with the outcome last night and hope that other dance music fans were as well.  Feel free to let me know how you feel!