A ‘bit too much’ jewelry styled outfit is a love of HonestFrugalChaos… called the Gaudy Grandma style. If done right (by avoiding the ‘I’m wearing all the jewelry I own’ look) it can actually be a very fabulous look. Think of it as if your Grandma raided your closet but still piled on the clip-ons and pins for the early bird special! It flirts with ‘over the top’ which is why I love it!

IMG_0591Try the style by adding an extra piece of jewelry than you would normally feel comfortable wearing with your outfit. Maybe a necklace with a pin or wear two different kinds of necklaces together. Something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Continue to experiment until you’ve got the style down and made it your own.

Watch out for tomorrow’s post on “Three ways HFC is bringin back the 90s”. Seriously you’ll be digging out your Pogs, Tamagotchis, and looking for Salute Your Shorts on Netflix. You’re welcome!

Until next time my Gaudy G’mas – stay weird, be you, and get your gaudy on at happy hour!

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All pictures below to HonestFrugalChaos.