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DJ Dainjazone has become one of the most sought-after DJ’s in and outside of the Los Angeles are in which he resides.  After coming off an uber-successful tour with Grammy nominated superstars LMFAO, he took time to sit down with me and discuss what he has going in his career and the steps he took along the way to get to where he is.  Really good read and someone you should be on the lookout for in the upcoming months.  Check it out.

So how old were you when you decided you wanted to become a DJ?

I started DJ’ing about six and a half years go around the age of 22.  I’ve always had an interest in DJ’ing in particular the hip-hop elements of it.  I can’t really break dance or rap, so I figured doing this would be perfect.  One night some of my basketball team members were throwing a house party and I decided to DJ the whole event.  Turned out to be a great success.  From there on I took matters into my own hand and made this into a career.

Who would you say are some of your musical influences that inspire you?

I would say guys like Chris Brown and Kanye West, ones that really express passion in what they are doing.  I am a huge fan of Travis Barker and it inspires the hell out of just watching him play the drums.  Stuff like that.

How would you describe your sound as a DJ for me?

It is tastefully all over the map.  Red Foo of LMFAO lets me play more stuff that is hip-hop based.  At the same time I like to throw curveballs in my sets but do it in a tasteful way.  I like to educate a crowd and teach people new things when it comes to being a DJ and doing this has been a great platform for that.

When people hear your sets who do you usually get comparisons to?

I’ve gotten DJ AM a couple of times before.  No one really besides that.  For me with AM that is the ultimate compliment.  He is the Michael Jordan in this field and broke down so many walls in terms of finding a way to be creative so anyone that says that to me is truly gratifying.

What was the experience like working on LMFAO’s recent tour?

The first feeling I had in this whole thing was truly how tiring it was.  The schedule was crazy- we would do a set, go to another country and so on and so forth.  In a span of three weeks we would only have two days off.  I saw both sides of it truly- how relaxing and cool it was to really how intense it got.  The intense times where was I learned a lot about your character by learning to be patient and survive mentally and physically.  I persevered through and overall it was a great experience.

LMFAO got nominated for a Grammy this year for “Sexy and I Know It”.  What were your thoughts on the show overall?

The Grammy’s for me is always an awarid show for the more grown crowd.  Other award shows tend to me a little bit more goofier and people acting out, that doesn’t really happen here.  It was a chill show that really was done very appropriately.

You have a hashtag on your Twitter handle about #theteam.  What exactly is that?

The team’s group is myself, DJ Rell and Sean Harris who raps and produces.  The team came organically, we even have our own hand pose to boot.  Few other guys are based in Las Vegas and LA.  This team ultimately consists of guys that I have chemistry and gel with, which ultimately is the most important thing when you are forming a team.

What are your plans for the rest of 2013?

There is a brand that I am working on called Infinite Intelligence.  It is the name on my Twitter handle actually.  It is related to DJ’ing and represents my lifestyle and being great in everything I do.  It is putting out there that anything you do is possible and you can do anything you want if you put your mind right.  I am going to put documentary videos on what I do- shopping, DJ’ing, working out,m etc.  Let people out there know how we are proceeding.  I also plan on redoing my website in the upcoming months and I have a great new logo that is done.

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