HonestFrugalChaos decided to have a little fun with how to be and signs you are a Frugal-Fashionista.  Humor and no filter honesty is what HonestFrugalChaos is all about.  If you can’t laugh at yourself and at life, well then, buckle-up babe because life is going to be a lot bumpier ride than need be  for you. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s the truth.

A Frugal-Fashionista….

…. knows where the closes price scanner is for every clearance rack in any given department store.  Isn’t that part of the shopping experience at Bloomies and Macys, scanning your clearance items?

HFC Frugal Fact: GFs nine times out of ten clearance price tags are marked HIGHER than the actual price, especially if there is a sale going on.  Once you scan and realize the savings, oh the scanner will be your new BFF4L. You’re welcome.

….  stalks her favorite stores online for sales like she stalks her frenemy or ex-boyfriend’s Facebook.  Oh please, don’t even waste your breath GF we know it’s true. If only Facebook could turn your views into shopping rewards points… you’d be paid to shop.

….. could be a candidate for A&E’s Hoarders if there was an episode just for closets.  Fashion is cycle so why buy again when I can hoard it now and wear later. Oh hey 90s my closet has you covered.

….. can tell you the ROI for every piece of clothing in her closet.  Doesn’t everyone have a Excel spreadsheet of formulas for their closet?  Normal.  (This is something I have been wanting to do.  Frugal Fun Fact.)

…. gives out her email and address to clothing stores like a drunk girl on Friday night.  You’d whore yourself out too if you knew the coupons and secret sales that you’re missing …. now who is the one judging?

……marks down on her calendar like it’s a family member’s birthday when each Marshalls and TJ Maxxs within a 25 mile radius gets there shipments in.  How Ironic (gotta love Alanis Morissette), if you check her Outlook calendar from work its funny how doctor appointments, sick days, and personal days somehow fall on shipment days? Oh pure coincidence GFs.

So til next time my Frugal-Fashionistas stay weird, by you, and …… remember stalking, calculating, hoarding, and planning buys you fashion for less but not happiness.  Laughing at yourself and accepting that life is a frugal too with an occasional bump from a pothole in the road  …. that’s the most important Frugal-Fashionista Fun Fact of all.

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