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I have had the great fortune of interviewing and getting to know Florida-based Absoloot in the past couple of months. Something that he does brilliantly is express his music and point of view in a positive manner and doesn’t use curse words in them at all.  The only other rapper that comes to mind that does this is Will Smith, and comparing those two is apples and oranges to its fullest. Will was cheesy, Absoloot is the future.  He is proof that you can get your point across without having to resort to “street jargon” and words that really come across as crass and wrong.  To each his own, but what he does should be more prevalent.

Now Loot has released a new track for 2013 called “Under The Influence” with a truly amazing video to go along with it.  Unlike previous records by Absoloot, this one has more of an edgier, raw sound to it.  The cinematography in the video is truly a sight to be seen and in my opinion should be considered for a VMA and Grammy in the upcoming year (here is to hoping). Ultimately the way I view the song is stay away from influences that can lead you astray, something that has been a growing problem for years.  Whatever the influence is you can find a way to be strong and motivate yourself to find better resources for your life, and that is what he is trying to do with this track.

When I talked with Loot a couple of weeks ago, he pretty much had the same description of the song.  “The Rebel movement is more gritty and underground with an NWA type of feel with it.  I usually come in with a more clean vibe to things but with this track I wanted to market it to a more diverse underground audience.  This movement talks about causes and criticizes some of the negative things that are going on and turn them into a positive, something that I am all about”.

Someone that was a key part of this record was the darker side of it, AS I AM Records one and only Emaculant. “We needed someone like Emaculant on this to add fire to this amazing movement.  He was an integral part of this procedure and I am glad that he was apart of it”.

Loot also mentioned what has been going on since we talked back in late 2012- “Everything has been amazing, I am still working with the charity Men 2 Boys, got a ton of performance dates coming up and even working on a comic book series and soundtrack work for the movie “From Heaven To Hell”.

What’s the bottom line for this song? Loot puts it simply- “For people to wake up.  That;s the message.  It’s just about the lyrics and music and focus on that, we want you to really understand what we are saying and keep it on the positive”.

He gives a big shoutout to Robert Blakely for making the video (hopefully nets you Best Director next year bud) and also wants his audience to know he is working with a site called to help promote non lethal self defense weapons. He says- “We want to make sure we give people an alternative to resorting to deadly force.”.  Another step in the right direction for Loot and his tireless efforts of being focused on making a better community.

Check out the video here and leave comments on what you think!


  1. Music should be used as a tool to help those in need.

  2. We need more artist to make more positive music like this. This is real music

  3. Absolootly amazing article!! Absoloot is a great artist, speaking on truths, and educating people through us music! He’s trying to make a better world. He pushes positivity and not ignorance. Keep doing what you are doing Absoloot, I give you much respect….And Emaculant killed, he has mad skills….. Ohh and I love the new single “Banksters”

  4. Finally some positivity to music.  I respect the man for going against the grain.

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