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I have discussed in past articles why Scruff on a man is really essential in the first place.  Yet there is an app for all smart phones and iPad’s that exist as well and has the same name.  For a couple of years now, Scruff has become the go to app for gay men to meet each other, be it for friendship, dating or the casual hook up and it’s popularity rivals and sometimes beats the original gay icon app, Grindr.

Grindr isn’t bad per se.  To me personally, it is a very minimized version of what you can get out of a gay app. It is a simple photo (that is being put loosely as some of the photos are trees or odd body hair) and a basic description of what the guy is looking for.  Mainly, it is a hook  up app.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  Also, from what it seems the aesthetic seems to be one note as well, but that is just from my viewpoint.

Scruff to me has such a variety of options and you can really put yourself out there in more ways than one.  Several guys that I have met off of there have actually turned into really great friends and you can use the site for more ways than one.  They have great features from promoting your own business (I used to do it with my Examiner profile),  and a variety of men with mainly the background of why Scruff is called Scruff.

Unlike other sites, Scruff accepts everyone on there. You can really get to know a person based on the description of your profile, and even though some are vague, some really happen to be interesting and thought provoking.  There are ones that make you see past what they look like and you can form a conversation based off of mutual interests being jobs, movies, music, etc.  In comparisons to Grindr, I think that if you want a successful app you have to be detailed in how you organize your profile in order to engage the user in wanting more than just clicking on the picture.

So survey says? For me, Scruff it is. If you haven’t tried either of them, and are curious to see what they are about, try them out.  See for

Credit to Grindr
Credit to Grindr

yourself what is better for you.  As stated in previous articles, this is just my opinion.  Happy Hunting everyone! Oh, and this is hands down the best message I have ever gotten anywhere, gay or not.



  1. My vote is for neither. I like Growlr best

  2. And growlr > scruff. Much better community.

  3. Growlr is much better…

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