The Last Exorcism Part II, left off where the first movie ended.  The original film was shot documentary style about a devious evangelical pastor’s job to exorcise a demon from a farm girl.  The original movie is shot through the perspective of the Preacher and his film crew.  Director Daniel Stamm followed the ever popular found footage style of American horror fims.  Louis Sweetzer, the father of the possessed girl, contacts Reverend Cotton Marcus because he believes his innocent daughter, Nell, is possessed.  Turns out Nell is possessed by a demon named Abalam.  And, as movies like these go, Nell/Abalam over power the Reverend and kill him, his crew, and her family.  The movie ends with the camera lying in the woods of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Last Exorcism Part 2
Movie Poster for the Last Exorcism Part II

The Last Exorcism II, begins with an unidentified couple finding the exorcised Nell in their home, cold and trembling from her time in the woods.  The beginning scene had one “jump” moment but was otherwise uneventful.  Nell (played by Ashley Bell) is examined by a doctor, bathed by a creepy nurse, who cuts a peice of her hair and places it in a pouch, and sent to a half-way house in New Orleans.  The house “father” gives Nell the cross necklace her mother had given her but tells her to decide whether she is a religious person or not.  Nell soon befriends the other girls in the home and gets a job cleaning motel rooms.  Frank Merle, the man who runs the house, helps Nell to deal with the past events of her life, and she decides that the events that took place and the demon were not real.

When all things seem to be going good, Nell has a boyfriend and is socializing well, she is visited by her father.  His presence warns her that the demon still wants her and will do anything for her.  Soon, Nell starts showing signs of procession and all around creepiness.  She is seduced by the demon in her dreams and is followed by strange characters wearing masks.

Nell is scared and ready to get rid of the demon for good, and the creepy nurse from the beginning turns out to be a voo-doo priestess who has been watching over Nell and has a plan to rid her of the demon for good.

The nurse calls in two men who strap her to a table and hook her up to a monitor and begin to “exorcise” the demon for good.  Well, things don’t go according to plan and Nell must choose to die free or accept the demon into her for good.

I won’t give away the ending in case you do decide to go see the movie.  However, I would not recommend wasting your money on this movie.  The movie was boring and not frightening at all.  The acting was comical and the movie dragged on and on and on and on… You get my point!  If you enjoyed the first movie then you might want to catch the second part, but it does not answer any questions or expand on the first film what-so-ever!