At the beginning of tonight’s Drag Race, Ivy’s gone and everyone has a sad. Jinkx is devastated. Alyssa feels confident about performing, but still makes snaps about coco. People think that means that Alyssa isn’t working. More after the jump.Jinkx comes in and tries to clear the air with Coco about being called a comedy queen. Coco keeps trying to interrupt and then tries to turn it around about how people complain about pageant queens. Boo hoo. Alaska says that the best revenge to that type of talk is to just do better in the competition.

The next day, Coco thinks that everyone is out for themselves and is ready to not to another team challenge. She-Mail is about soap operas with some Spanish words thrown in. Ru joins. The mini challenge will be the Crying Game, aka everyone needs to cry on cue. Put on your best make up and cry. Everyone’s doing their best crying routine before Detox totally breaks down. It turns out that it’s been two years since her boyfriend died and it’s really tearing her up. She’s full on crying and things got very real very fast. Everyone stops and Detox is very uncomfortable. Detox and Alyssa win and the main challenge is that we’re doing two telenovellas.

The two winners are the captains. Rolaskatox is back together. Alaska isn’t very happy about this. Coco is back with Alyssa and is not happy about this. Detox and Roxxxy are laughing things up and Alaska’s not having it. Coco sees all and makes note of this. Detox has a big ugly mask for her character and finds it hilarious.

Ru comes in while Alyssa is making some really weird noises. Alyssa’s going to be the glamorous housewife. Jinkx is the virginal daughter and Coco is the ugly stupid maid. Coco flat out announces that they haven’t worked through their shit. Ru mentions the Turning Pointe and no one gets it. What’s with these queens? Ru leaves them to it.

RoLaskaTox’s turn. Ru brings up the idea that cliques are bad, and no one says anything. Detox is wearing her scary mask and Ru’s not having it, since Detox is doing B+ work. Detox doesn’t want to give up the mask, but does. Meanwhile, Alyssa is trying on Jinkx’ clothes.

Shooting time! Detox is ready with her mustache and our guest judge/assistant is Maria Conchita Alonsa. Our leading man is Wilmer Vanderama, who’s gotten all studly. Detox and Roxxxy are really lagging and Roxxxy ends up trying to grab Fes’ crotch. Classy.

Team Alyssa! It’s a much classier piece, or at least the girls look more like girls. Jinkx is on fiya tonight. Alyssa needs to match her but can’t. Coco starts out saying nice things and then turns them around. The shoot is over and Coco’s distracted by Fes’ hotness.

Backstage, shade is thrown, but its fun shade this time. The dolls are enjoying it and not being terribly mean or catty, just fun. I like this. Jinkx is doing a Dia Des los Muertos look and Roxxxy starts talking smack. It’s called a risk. Take one. Detox and Roxxxy also discuss Detox’ relationship status and former boyfriend.


Detox is doing a pink mariachi sombrero look.

Roxxxy looks like a modern interpretation of Carmen.

Alaska is doing Charo in red, but done by white people who can’t dance.

Alyssa is doing a Latin version of the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast.

Coco says she’s doing Dorothy Dandridge, and her jumpsuit has huge sleeves.

Jinkx’s look is really good. Its glam enough and I like it.

We get a viewing of the soap operas and everyone performs just like you’d think they would.


Detox. The judges didn’t like the sombrero. Not her best effort.

Roxxxy. Well liked and I don’t know why. The make-up was liked, and Ru loves the silhouette.

Alaska was fun and upbeat and made the show, even if the dress looked cheap.

Alyssa. The judges couldn’t understand her and she’s wearing the worst dress ever. Alyssa rambles something about something. We’re not sure. Santino hates the dress.

Jinkx confuses Michelle, but that’s good. The judges love her. YES. Ru loves the balls it took to do this look and pull it off.

Coco had a good outfit but needs more acting and didn’t stand out.

The winner is Jinkx! We get some maid jokes while we find that the bottom two are Alyssa and Coco. They must lip synch to Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul and both of them give it their all. In the end, though, Coco stays. Alyssa has some really positive words, though, and doesn’t seem too miffed.

Join us next time!!