Credit to: Sony
Credit to: Sony


Sony has been to go to name for decades when it comes to handling all of your audio needs.  From the first time I bought my own Walkman back in the 90’s to now, I have always been impressed by their dedication to how the product looks and sounds at the same time.  Their new line of headphones is no different.  I got the opportunity to review the X10 line that that has just been released, and it is being backed by none other then “American Idol” legend and current “X Factor” host Simon Cowell.

“I chose to make a set of headphones with Sony because I simply wanted something better than what is in the market today,” said Cowell.  “I’ve tried all of them, literally every single one. Sony and I set out to create the best headphone in the world.  We are absolutely blown away by these. With the X headphones, it’s like being in the recording studio when the records are made. The sound is that clear.”

“Our X Headphones are for the true listeners, the music fanatics who share Sony’s uncompromising passion for music and precision in sound,” said Andrew Sivori, vice president of the Personal Audio Division at Sony Electronics. “Created by Sony and Simon Cowell, the new X Headphones deliver an amazing listening experience wrapped up in a cutting-edge design for the ultimate in self-expression.”

The look and feel-

Beyond how well put together the box was when it came to me, everything about these headphones read sleek and chic.  The headphones itself fit very well onto your ears and are relaxing.  They adjust to fit your specific head size very well, and at the same time are very lightweight.  Overall in that aspect a very pleasant experience.

The sound quality-

The sound quality on these headphones are really through the roof.  What really makes these headphones worth it is that you can be in a really busy setting and still only hear what you are listening to.  The base on these are incredible and you can hear every instrument playing. For instance, right now I am listening to a great throwback, Busta Rhymes & Janet Jackson’s “What’s It Gonna Be?”.  The base in this song is crazy as is, and Janet’s voice is soft but powerful.  What the headphones does is that it enhances both counterparts to where everything sounds incredible all at the same time.  Really, an incredible listening experience.


Overall these headphones are just amazing.  If this is one your wish list or want to get a tech-minded friend a great gift for his or her birthday.

They have also launched a new line in the x10 series dubbed the MDR-X05 Cans.  Just launched a little over a week ago, itis a lightweight product with colorful designs from red on silver to black on red.  It is available now with the x10 series at a price of $199, marked down a$100 dollars for a limited time only.  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to pick up these great headphones and sport them out for your friends to see!

Credit to: Sony
Credit to: Sony
Credit to: Digital Trends
Credit to: Digital Trends



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