dance academyPreviously on Dance Academy, small town farm girl Tara Webster joined the Ballet Academy That Doesn’t Teach Ballet and is the Wurst Dancer Ever. Except when she’s not, and then she’s the Tallest Clara Ever. She had a crush on Every Boy Ever, while other students did stuff. Finally, the gay boy died, Tara was the Second Best Ballet Student in the World, and everyone promised to be friends forever. Let’s see how long this lasts.

We open up with the dedication of the Samuel Lieberman Memorial Dance studio. Tara gives a fancy speech and everyone takes a moment. Flash to six months later and Tara is going past the studio while people are dancing in it. Well, that thread has been resolved.

The students are doing some sort of contemporary duet thing for their teachers, a guy who looks like Quentin Crisp (Google him), and the love child of Liz Phair and Lisa Loeb. As the testing ends, Quentin Crisp says that he wants to see more of the students, and maybe we can have the next test in the theater. Abigail takes this opportunity to kiss his ass. We find that the company has a few temporary slots and they might be offered to some third year students. Everyone does a little gasp.

Outside, Katrina is trying to somehow speed up her time redoing first year.  Miss Raine is apprehensive.

Ollie is chatting with Abigail, though bitching is more like it. He claims that last year, he was the best goddamned dancer in the Australian Ballet Academy, and now, he’s treated like the red headed step child. Since he feels that Abigail isn’t going to get into the company, he feels that being Abigail’s partner means that he’s being given a clear sign that he’s not getting in. Which, to quote a friend of mine, is pure bullshit, but that’s one of those standard ballet school I the movies things that has become somewhat standard. Anyway, Abigail tells him off for assuming that she’s never going to get into the company,

Grace and Miss Raine have a coffee bonding moment and talk about who’s in and who’s out. The only thing this scene is missing is a joke about a crane and an “overweight” joke.

Katrina uses her spare time to go see Quentin Crisp. She schmoozes him up to talk about her mother and other people in the company, and finally drops the ball of “Can I come audition, too?” Quentin Crisp is in love with this idea.

The girls are hosting a rehearsal for Abigail’s surprise birthday party. Ben jumps in and has issues with the fact that Tara won’t go out with him, but still relies on him for stuff. One of the second years mentions how Abigail doesn’t even like birthday parties, since she wanted to be a ballet prodigy and every birthday since age 10 has been a betrayal from her body. Finally, Ben hops into the dance and does a better job than half the girls.

Kat and Tara go over the solo she’s preparing for Quentin while Abigail and Ollie go over their duet. Tara and Ben practice their jazz-ballet thing that no ballet school would be teaching.

Everyone is in the theater, going over their assessments, while Quentin Crisp and Lilith Phair judge them. Abigail and Ollie commiserate about being the best cotdamned dancers but no one cares. Except Sammy, unfortunately.

Tara runs up to Abigail with this REALLY lame “movie night” excuse that Stevie Wonder could see through. Ben shows up, pissed that Tara didn’t show up for his traditional beach swim before exams, which we’ve only seen once. Ben is upset. Assessments happen. Abigail and Ollie wow everyone with their j-allet moves. Quentin is impressed, despite the lack of a pause at the end. They might as well have stopped and have gone “scene!” Katrina barges in, in her student tutu. Miss Raine is not impressed, but is overruled by Quentin.

Tara and Ben start their contemporary piece, only halfway through, Tara falls and doesn’t bother getting up. There’s now a rule that if you fall, you don’t get a do-over, since that never happens in a performance, though in a performance you either get right up, or there’s something wrong. Neither happens to Tara. Quentin calls Grace in to dance Tara’s role, only Grace slips right where Tara does. No one is sure why. Katrina takes this moment to leave. Afterwards, Grace is all “hey!” and everyone chews her out for being a bitch during the Prix, which . . . well, they have a point.

Katrina is in the studio practicing and Miss Raine walks in. She offers one on one training and nixes the idea of Katrina going to the party. Way to schedule timing, teacher lady. Anyway, she makes some comment about being super critical. There’s no way this will turn out poorly.

Party time!! Apparently, Tara is a pretty damn good party planner, because she got a pool, and some amazing decorations, in addition to teaching the second years some dancing. Everyone’s excited and they get into places, only Katrina shows up without Abigail. There is much disappointment.

Abigail, it turns out, is backstage at the ballet with Ollie, trying to chat up Lilith Phair. Phair gives her some positive, but vague feedback, until finally pointing out that her legs are too short for the company. Finally, some real body talk that would come out of a dancer/producer’s mouth. No really. All of these girls are talented, but they would never be dancing in the same ballet company. Abigail, seeing her dreams get crushed before her, decides to go to the party.

Grace shows up to the party and people are bit put off. Abigail shows up and things are thrown into confusion. Finally Tara and Grace have the mini fight they’ve been gearing up to have for a while. Grace brings up how she was friends with Sammy and all of them, and they bring up how she’s a freak, a liar and a mean girl. Grace tosses the cake into the pool and storms off.

Later, there’s pool cake and talk of Sammy. Everyone gets a text regarding placements. Abigail says not to look at them for a bit and wants to watch her minions dance. Dance they do. It’s very cute and finally they all dive into the pool. When did they learn that?! Afterwards, Ollie and Abigail fess up to not getting company spots. Ben says he still has things for Tara. Grace is on her own with her salamander. All three have gotten company spots. Katrina, meanwhile, is throwing up her cake. I was wondering when eating disorders were going to come into play.

Tara calls Christian, who’s hanging out on a beach, not caring.

Next time! We join the company! Tara uses her Care Bear Stare to make Christian care!!