Don’t get me wrong, I am not Kim Kardashian’s biggest fan. I don’t agree with her over the top affairs (72-day wedding anyone?), her multitude of daily wardrobe changes, or her obsession with all things vain. So I have to say I was most surprised when I found myself coming to her defense.

Let me be the first one to say that the amount of money that the Kardashian family makes per year is staggering to say the least. While many agree that the famous clan is famous for nothing, it cannot be denied that the Kardashian family members have successfully marketed themselves all the way to the bank. And while I will never begrudge anyone of their wealth (after all we live in a country that prides itself in the American dream), it is understandable that when another has such a large amount of money we expect them to be generous. But I found it hugely shameful that many jumped on Kim for an act of charity.

This past week Kardashian announced that she would auction off some of her designer wardrobe on eBay to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan, a storm, which devastated the Philippines.

On her website Kardashian explained her altruistic plan:

“Hi guys, this is a very special auction because a portion of the proceeds of my eBay auction are going to International Medical Corps., a nonprofit organization that provides critical health services on remote islands where families are struggling to access medical care and basic resources like food, clean drinking water and vital medications,” she wrote. “The proceeds will go directly to the communities they’re serving in the Philippines and will help typhoon survivors get access to medical care and ultimately save lives. My prayers and thoughts are with those affected by the typhoon.”

It would seem that because Kardashian was thinking of others aside from herself, we would all applaud such a positive action from such a seemingly materialistic person. However this proved not to be the case. The masses were quick to attack Kardashian for only donating 10% of the auction’s proceeds to charity, calling her vile, and mocking her for lacking generosity.

A rep for Kardashian found the backlash to be disappointing and expressed frustration that she had become an “easy target” for criticism. What many may not realize is that this act of charity is not a first for Kardashian. Inspired by her late father, Robert Kardashian, she has consistently given away 10% of proceeds from auctions she holds on eBay throughout the year. Although the proceeds of her auctions generally benefit her church, she decided to donate the money for this particular auction to a charity benefitting a current global disaster.

That’s why as far as I’m concerned we should be ashamed of ourselves. When did we begin to judge one another for giving in the first place? Sure Kardashian could afford to donate more from a financial prospective, but how many of us have sat silently while others, less fortunate than ourselves, could have used anything that we could have afforded to give? How many of us who continually point fingers and judge have kept that 10% for ourselves? Wake up guys! Sure wealth is relative, but generosity and a giving heart is not. You either give or you don’t. And Kim Kardashian has given when she had every opportunity (and every right as far as I’m concerned) not to. As long as we continue to judge or criticize another person for their kindness, we remain the problem.

During this holiday season (and always,) I urge each and every one of you to put your proverbial money where your mouth is. Rather than pass judgment on someone for giving, get off your asses and give of yourself. You don’t need millions, or even thousands; all you need is your time. Let’s spread positivity and encouragement towards one another; anything helps. As I said, I may not be her biggest fan, but I’ll be the first to applaud Kardashian’s recent actions, and I suggest you be the second.


  1. DeneyTerriosHair

    Very nice gesture, but still hate her.

  2. Nobody would have bought the (free to her) used items at such prices if they knew that only 10% was going to charity. They figured they were donating the money to help the Philippines and didn’t realize Kim was taking her 90% cut. So she used it as a ploy to create more sales, higher bidding prices, and more profit for herself. Altruistic? In that case I’ll go dress as Santa, ring a bell on a street corner, collect buckets full of cash, pocket 80% of the proceeds, and call myself twice as altruistic as Kim is.

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