Credit to: KTCHNNYC
Credit to: KTCHNNYC

Appetizers, Crostini’s and Snacks, Oh My!

You don’t have to go to a restaurant and order a big entree to fill you up and keep you satisfied.  Sometimes it is the perfect bite or appetizer that can properly keep your hunger tank on full without feeling like you needed that big plate to overdo things.  And KTCHN proves that just like their amazing brunch selections, they can do the same with their Amuse-Bouche of sorts.  I had the honor of covering this amazing location for a second time last week and was once again not let down.

Something that KTCHN provides for their bevy of customers are an array of Crostini’s each paired with a unique spread that packs a ton of flavor and punch.  My friend and I tried three of them (3 for $8, great price in my opinion) and each had a great flavor to them that was satisfying and delicious.  Out of the three that I tried my favorite had to have been the Cannnellini, Basil Pesto & White Anchovy.  This was an interesting conclusion for myself personally as I am not the biggest fan of anchovies yet have a fond liking for basil and pesto.  All three of the flavors melded very well together and gelled with the hard crunch of the Crostini.  The other two that we tried had a similar effect on our palates, this included the Artichoke Risotto with an Orange topping and a Chickpea Hummus with a Red Charmoula Aioli.  Keep in mind that I am a simple boy from Long Island who most of the time enjoys the taste of a good slice of pizza or burger, so these options are a bit out of left field for me but they worked harmoniously and were just great.

Credit to:  R. Couri Hay Creative Public Relations
Credit to: R. Couri Hay Creative Public Relations


KTCHN is also the first place I have gone to where I have seen the word “Sexy” be used as part of a dish that they create.  Now normally the “sexy” element is of course when I walk into the room (kidding, not really), but I was very interested when I worked my way over to the next part of the menu, the Cocktail Snacks & Small Bites, and saw that was one of the menu items listed.  The fries have vinegar, garlic and smoked paprika in them, so if you are wimpy and don’t enjoy that kind of intense flavor then these aren’t the fries for you.  I personally loved them and thought they were quite tasty.  Other standouts for me and my friend included the always simple and classic yet delicious Shrimp Cocktail, which also had white corn chips to dunk into the sauce itself, and the Crispy Crab Cake Sliders which were warm and yummy with a great old bay tartar sauce that really elevated the taste to a whole other level.  Easily for a small portion meal me and my friend gave this a 9 out of 10.

If you are in the mood to just have some small appetizing plates before you head out on a night on the town, then of course I would recommend doing so at KTCHN.  It is nestled right in the heart of Times Square, and for anyone visiting should be a good time before enjoying the night ahead.  Always be on the lookout for their upcoming events, including their Dinner & A Movie Tuesdays and drag duo “The Hause Of Mimosa” performing each Sunday from 11-3.