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Sure this website is meant for all things Manhattan but we can’t forget one of the greatest (and not so greatest) part of New York- Long Island!  As someone who grew up on the island of long I have faced my fare share of stereotypes that we Long Islanders face on a daily basis.  A consistent one seems to be that all we are is delis and chain restaurants.  Whereas I believe we have some of the best freaking delis in the world, we also have really good and authentic food that doesn’t come from your run of the mill chain establishment.  If you are looking for some damn good Mexican cuisine mixed with a downtown, NYC type vibe, Besito in Huntington Village is the place to go.

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“Long Island’s Premier Mexican Restaurant,” Besito, “leaves the competition in the dust” says Joanne Starkey  of The New York Times. The authentic Mexican restaurant, translated little kiss in Spanish, is owned by veteran restaurateur John Tunney III, David Tunney & John Rieger. Besito Mexican Kitchen and Agave Lounge opened its first location in 2006 in Huntington, followed by the second location in 2007 in Roslyn, followed by the third location in 2009 in West Hartford, CT.  Both Long Island locations garnered “excellent” ratings from The New York Times, while the West Hartford location was named Best Mexican Restaurant by Hartford Magazine and Open Table’s #1 Mexican Restaurant in the New York/Tri-State Area.

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I grew up right around Huntington Village and it always reminded me of the actual village area in New York, minus the annoying tourists and hipsters.  Although the restaurant scene and businesses in Huntington Village seem to change on a yearly if not monthly basis, Besito has managed to keep itself there for years running.  Not having been there in a couple of years, I was delighted recently to go with a good girlfriend of mine and see what all the fuss was about since I have been there.  Boy oh boy did they not disappoint.

Anytime you hear the worlds “Table Side Guacamole” you instantly get a happy face, I don’t care who you are.  Guac is life my friends, and their guacamole is truthfully delicious and packed with a ton of flavor.  Definitely a good starter in my book.  Another good appetizer for you and your team to much on is the Flautas De Pollo and the Empanadas de Hongos to name a few.  The Empanadas are quite fresh tasting and beat your everyday frozen type you can get at the supermarket by a long shot.  Same go with the Flautas, which is also known as a crispy type of chicken taco.  Both were quite delicious.

I think every meal on the entree menu deserves some type of Academy Award for how awesome it would taste in my mouth, however me and my friend chose two that suited that bill and beyond.  I’m a stickler for steak being cooked correctly and having a good amount of flavor and taste to it as if it is left alone can taste quite bland.  The Alambre de Res, or Strip Steak with Salsa Verde, Chorizo and rice, fit the spot completely.  But the standout dish for me and my friend was hands down was the Camarones Ajillo, which were jumbo shrimp cooked in a garlic chile salsa with a side of mashed boniato, their version of a mashed potatoes.  It was such a great mixture of savory, sweet and salty that blended really well together.  The beans and rice on the side are always a good addition to any meal, but what side really tasted incredible was the Elotes de la Calle, or roasted corn with Roasted Local Corn, Chile Molido and Queso Fresco.  Incredible.  Overall, this meal was quite phenomenal.

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You also get a couple of churros on the way out which is the satisfying end to a great meal.   If you are ever in the Huntington Village area of Long Island, Besito is definitely something I would recommend going to.  A bit pricey for my demographics standards, but if you can afford it it is worth the dime.  Trust me.  Besito’s menu varies from lunch to dinner so check out the official website so more information.