Credit to: Montgomery Streets
Credit to: Montgomery Streets

Montgomery Streets is like the Lego Movie… AWESOME!

Great bands sometime have to reform and recalculate in order for some type of a formula to work.  For Montgomery Streets, this is a great example of said format.  They originated in a different group called “The Vinyl Addicts” and when that dismembered bandmates Brian Murray (from my high school alma matter Harborfields what what) and Anthony DeFeo formed Montgomery Streets.  Named after the street where they formed the group on, they have successfully made their first EP called “Damn Girl” with the help of Chris Cubeta and GalluminumFoil Studios.  The EP contains authentic acoustic beats yet drives in a full, diverse sound that anyone can get down with.  I recently sat down with the band to discuss the formation, the present and the future.  Take a look.

How did you guys get together?

We met in 2004.  Brian was going to Fordham University at Lincoln Center and his band “The Vinyl Addicts” was looking for a bass player.  Anthony was attending NYU and immediately fit in with the band… when “The Vinyl Addicts” disbanded, we began writing songs on our own and so Montgomery Streets was born…

What made you come up with the name Montgomery Street?

It’s a lame and boring story: Brian was living on Mongtomery Street in Brooklyn when we wrote our first song together… we thought it sounded good pluralized, like a tough cowboy who chewed tobacco and was  much cooler than us… it stuck

 How would you describe your sound?

That’s a question we always have trouble answering.  The best we’ve come up with is singer/songwriter with an alternative pop slant haha, if that means anything.  It’s not really a target we’re aiming at, making the song the best it can be is the priority… where we fit comes later.  We’re on a mission to reclaim pop music, there was a time that the genre didn’t leave such a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.  Popular music can also be good music… we swear!

Who do you draw inspiration from music wise?

Ryan Adams, Metalica, Damien Rice, Smashing Pumpkins, Conor Oberst, Jaco, Bob Dylan, Junior Wells, Kanye West…

Tell me about your recent music efforts and the music you put out.

We released an EP in December entitled “Damn Girl” produced by Chris Cubeta at GalumniumFoil Studios in Williamsburg (Savoir Adore, Elizabeth & The Catapult, Wakey!Wakey!). The EP features Spencer Cohen on drums and Chris Cubeta on guitar/keys.  It was a big step forward for us, hiring other musicians and rounding out our sound.  We were proud of the songs and wanted to see them fully realized… GaluminumFoil Studios was a big part of that.

Do you have a favorite record you have made?

That’s hard.  “Change” was big because we had this idea in our heads of what we wanted it to be and it was ambitious for us but it came together so nicely… “The One Who Got Away” for the exact opposite reason… we could have gone bigger but we stayed true to it’s simplicity.

Manhattan Digest, Montgomery Streets
Credit to: Montgomery Streets


What’s your take on the music industry nowadays?

It’s easier to get your music heard but even harder to get paid for it.  There’s so much available online for free that people expect it now… although the pay what you will model has worked well for us… people give more than they need to more often than not.

Do you feel bands and alternative don’t get the respect that they used to?

No… there are bad people in the business and good people just like there have always been.  There’s so many talented people out there playing and writing music, there’s always someone waiting and ready to do what you do for half the money and without the attitude. So unless you’re already famous, be good to people haha

If you could open for one act, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

The Beatles… because even if you never make it you opened for the fucking Beatles

What are your plans for the future with the band?

Hopefully another music video some time this summer and a new EP after that… We have some newer fan favorites like “Ninja Turtles and Pixie” we’d really like to get down.  We have some festivals coming up in Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore!  And a great outdoor BBQ and Beer show at The Silent Barn in Bushwick on May 17th!

 If you had one mission statement you could share with our readers what would it be?

We write songs that stick in your head and hopefully make you think a  little more than average piece of bubble gum.  We don’t think Pop music and intelligent, relatable stories are mutually exclusive.

Montgomery Streets, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Montgomery Streets


Want to know more about Montgomery Streets?  Check out their links below for more details on their epic awesomeness!

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