DiMi Marc’s Trap’d Soul’s Will- Sheer Brilliance

As previously discussed in my much discussed and watched interview with Long Island’s own DiMi Marc, he is planning on releasing three different mixtapes this month for his old and new fans to devour and enjoy.  The first one is released today, called “Trap’d Soul’s Will” (LINK HERE.  LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD PEOPLE!) which I politely describe as the music that gets you TURNT THE FUCK UP.  I took a listen to the entire mixtape, and have to say it is stellar beyond words.  The beats, rhythms, lyricism and so much more make this mixtape the quintessential for getting ready to head out for the night and keep the party going all throughout the evening.  Here is my review of each song off the album.  Take a look.

Trump- Hard, edgy reminiscent of Kanye meets Skrillex. Sick lyrics.

Party Monster- could hear this in any club today. Just insane beats and a great rhythm. “I hear you wanna party with a monster” could get stuck in your head all day. Pairing off with Krewella was smart on this one.

WRCK- Strip Club Anthem. Nothing more to say. Get them dollas out buddies.

Pablo- First song off this mixtape with more of a serious message. Mainly a story about a boy who fell to the craze of the power that is drugs and money. Good shit.

Diamond Sky- Laura Brehm’s part on this brings me back to a lot of the EDM queens in the 90’s like Robyn, Ultranate and Amber. Another club banger but with a slower paced feel that you can jam with on the floor or just with a drink in your hand.

I’m In It- Anytime a song uses that computer controlled deep voiced meeting with a fast paced beat like ASAP Rocky & Skrillex’s “Wild For The Night” is definitely a formula for success in my eyes. DiMi’s rap MATCHES Kanye’s in this song. Sick sick sick sick just like the song says.

Going Under- Not my favorite track off this mixtape but has a great beat and similar to other tracks flows very well.

Steve Twerkel- if you don’t get the reference then you don’t get to hear this song. Kidding. Probably my favorite song off this entire mixtape. This song makes you wanna go HAM on the dance floor and mixes elements reminiscent of early Lil Jon and even some old school 80’s beats. The shout out to Uncle Phil is the best part.

BET- not to be confused with the TV network. “Bet that I be living like I’m young and I am free, like I am enjoying every moment that comes to me” is the repeating chorus in BET that sets the stage for how awesome this song really is.

Control The City- another great track, in your face with a strong message. Not my personal choice to end a mixtape, but nonetheless it has a good collab with Electric Bodega and DFresh that makes this song on a more elevated level.

Highlights- Party Monster, Diamond Sky, I’m In It, Steve Twerkel.

Check out his official site for more info on my boy DiMi Marc and just in case you need it again here it the link to his SoundCloud page where Trap’d Soul’s Will is.  Check back here next week for the next mixtape review!


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