After reviewing DiMi Marc’s first mixtape a week ago here on Manhattan Digest to amazing fanfare and high praise, I was super excited to review his second of three mixtapes he is releasing this month- Trap’d Soul’s Love.  The first mixtape was more on the turnt up side, where as DiMi Marc’s second one brings a more soulful and down to earth version of the talented emcee.  He mixes a lot of what is popular nowadays in music, blending great genres and sounds reminiscent of superstars Drake, Miguel and J. Cole for instance.  Overall, this mixtape earns a 9 out of 10 in my opinion, as DiMi Marc continues to bring out his best and continuing what I hope for him which is to make it to the top of the charts.  Check out my review of each song off of Trap’d Soul’s Love and check it out in full here on his Soundcloud page!

Rock (With JL)- good mixture of R&B and hip-hop. Sick sex anthem that has a great beat to it. Euphemisms are obvious but good (I rock your body, we’ll make rock and roll).

All That Matters (Justin Bieber & Chiefs)- if any song on this mixtape could be a single it would be this. May be because of the Bieber hook but it adds really well to DiMi’s flow in this song. Good flow from DiMi as usual.

Feverio (with Sango)- love the opening part with the questions- would you ever let me take you to the moon, would you ever let me love you too soon? Asks the questions about falling for someone blended with a really relaxed beat. Love it.

iii-  The essence of a breakup is detailed poignantly through DiMi on this song. Sticks with the love theme with the slower beats, similar to Dream and Miley Cyrus’ “Real And True”.

Morning Call (with Empia)- The throwback Sonic The Hedgehog type beats on the chorus mixed with a great drum beat makes this another stellar standout on this mix. Good transition from break up to missing the one you love.

Moondust- Absolutely love this song, probably my favorite off this whole mixtape. Love the build up in the beginning and the lyricism is amazing.

Good 2 U- Normally with his mixtapes the music takes over the first 20-30 seconds but he goes right into his rapping pretty quickly, detailing how he was good to the girl he was with. The pain is real in this as this is one of the harder songs on this.

Found Better-  anytime a man and woman duet on something it’s always a working formula. Him and Kim Cole slay this song, detailing each persons POV on how they found something better. Sick.

Crush-  Chorus on this is addictive, with Lisette Love giving a really big Shawnna type throwback with the sound and feel of this song.

I Know You Got Work- great way to close this mixtape. Empowering and a great message to women out there.

Check out the video for Good 2 U here!  Sick song and a sick video!


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