The gay lifestyle and New York City kind of go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly.  With the exception of a couple of other competing cities in the United States, you really can’t compete with us here when it comes to the variety of gay bars, nightlife and huge events that happen year round in the city that never sleeps.  One infamous one is the epic Black Party which took place back in March to much hype and confirmed fanfare.  But if there is one event that combines the hottest men in the world, great music and some awesome live shows featuring both, it is the outrageous Hustlaball NYC, which is taking place this Sunday night at Club Slake on West 30th between 7th and 8th Avenue.

How does one describe Hustlaball to a viewer or person that has never heard of this before? It is simply designed as the world’s largest erotic dance party.  Taken place not only in New York City but in London and Las Vegas as well, the New York City version is jam packed with some of the biggest gay adult movie stars in the world, sure to entice and excite any fan to buy a ticket and see what their favorite performer or performers will be doing on and off the stage.  So who in fact will be there?  Performers such as Rocco Steele, Dirk Caber and Killian James who Manhattan Digest have profiled before to high praise and criticism.  As hot as those three are, the buck doesn’t stop just there.  Also performing will be superstars Tommy Defendi, Tyson Tyler, Christopher Daniels, Seth Santoro, Austin Wolf and Duncan Black just to name a few.  There are so many more performers that you should check out the official site for more information.

Hustlaball, Manhattan Digest, Boomer Banks
Credit to: Hustlaball NYC

I was fortunate enough to sit down with another person I interviewed this past year, the sexy and seductive Boomer Banks, who is one of the organizers of Hustlaball NYC this year.  Take a look at what he has to say about the raunchiness and debauchery that Hustlaball NYC will expedite this coming Sunday night.

Tell us about some of the performers at Hustlaball.

This year, we have an amazing line up: Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose and Colton Grey return this year to perform together (Hot hot hot!), two industry Pros, Falcon Group’s Exclusive Brent Corrigan and Nick Capra, will be putting on a SHOW (Caps needed), HustlaBall first timers Billy and Seth Santoro will have a special guest on stage. Also, Brian Bonds will be flagging Red for Hot Newcomer David Benjamin, and they are both Falcon Group Exclusives. NYC nightlife Sex Goddesses Daughters of Devotion with special guest Christian will be a sight. Cockyboys’ Tayte Hanson and Levi Karter. Need I say more? WOOF. Porn Sex Icon Jesse Santana and I, Boomer Banks, will be tearing up the stage… well, I’ll be tearing up something else. Leo Forte will be nothing less than Magic. Rentboy’s Best Bottom Killian James, Tyson Tyler , Duncan Black, Aleks Buldocek, Bravo Delta, Brock Rustin, Israel Oka, Max Cameron, Rouge Status, Champ Robinson and DaddyHunt Sex God Dirk Caber… I just blew my load saying all those names!!! My Boner Brigade for HustlaBall NYC is going to Turn out every onlooker and will be talked about for years to Cum!

Hustlaball, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Hustlaball

HustlaBall is known for its extravagant live shows, what are you and the team going to do to keep the crowd going?

This year, the lineup of DJs is out of control: MensRoom (Chicago), Luther (World Wide), and Donkey (NYC). I guarantee the crowd won’t stop moving to these beats. Accompanied with Ryan Rose’s Hot Body all over Colton Grey’s thick cock, Brent Corrigan and Nick Capra taking command. Mix in Some Sexy Daughters of Devotion NYC nightlife magic and Big Daddy Dirk Caber… If that’s not enough refer to question number 1.

This event takes place in 3 different locations, what makes NYC so special?

Sure, there’s Vegas and London, but there is NO place like NYC. The energy alone is incendiary! Columbus Day weekend is a huge party weekend for NYC alone, with us throwing in this Unique Super Sexy Musical of Live shows. We have what no one else has: The Ultimate Uniqueness.

Any surprise guests or unexpected things planned?

We have many past performers always showing up, but that’s what makes it a surprise, right? This year, we have some special guest hosting from Tommy Defendi, Austin and Tyler Wolf, Eli Lewis, Leo Sweetwood, Nubias and the Phenomenal Director of the Year and Porn Mom Mr. Pam hosting the VIP room.

What kind of booths are at Hustlaball?

As always we will have our Rentboy HustlaBall NYC photo booth with Dick Mitchell, and I’m excited to announce our DaddyHunt booth with Featured Daddy Hosts: Hot Hung Newcomer Rocco Steele, Dolf Dietrich, Cole and Hunter (Maverick Men) and Diesel Washington.

What is Boomer doing, or who is Boomer doing that night?

I am the Stage Daddy(mom)/Manager for this year’s HustlaBall, and this year, I brought out Industry favorite and Sex GOD Jesse Santana to plow the night away… BOOM!

Hustlaball, Manhattan Digest
Credit to: Hustlaball

What is your overall hope for this?

I want this year’s  HustlaBall to embody the essence of NYC: a fairytale (satyr) Empire State of mind.

Sounds like a pretty fucking good time in my book, emphasis on the word fucking.  Tickets are still available via the official website, so make sure you stop by and enjoy yourself this Sunday night.  Guaranteed to have a great time.