Niche dating has been all the rage in the past couple of years.  No matter what your interest is you will find a particular site that works for what you like (there is even sites for Vegans and Boat Captains.  Ahoy!)  One of those particular niche’s is pro wrestling, and the one site worth visiting if that is your forte is Tag Me A Date.

If you didn’t read my fantastic interview with CEO Steven Glenwick last month, Tag Me A Date, which is now available in the United States, Canada and the UK, bills itself as “Wresting Night is Date Night”. When you create a profile on the site, it skips the redundant questions that other sites ask and focuses strictly on the love you have for pro-wrestling. You can find matches based on who your favorite wrestler, manager or tag team is which in turn can create great conversation and be a fantastic icebreaker.

Steven believes this is a concept that he’s glad he started but is long overdue. “Professional wrestling is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions upon millions of fans. We feel this is something wrestling fans have been waiting for, for a long time. One of the most featured questions concerning this idea is; “How come this has not been done before?” That is music to my ears as I contemplated that very question and came to the very notion of doing a dating site for wrestling fans. Wrestling fans are people at the end of the day and many people want to find their significant other.”

Since our interview, there have been a ton of great advancements that Tag Me A Date has made in order to attract more people to their site, sign up and ultimately find their one true love.  On top of their great search functionality you also have the ability to create a promo video about yourself as opposed to the generic picture.  Seeing as the WWE is so interactive anyways, especially with the pro wrestlers and their fans, this is a great idea in my opinion and will get the other person who is watching to know you that much better, both inside the ring and out.

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Credit to: Tag Me A Date
Credit to: Tag Me A Date
Credit to: Tag Me A Date

There is also a huge bonus incentive for the ladies out there that want to try out Tag Me A Date!  Seeing as the biggest day of love is coming up a month from today, Valentine’s Day, Tag Me A Date is offering one free year if they sign up next month.  Tag Me A Date is also taking their initiative on the road in 2015, by sponsoring The Masters Of The Ring event in March and May as well as the first ever Hammerlock Awards with Northeast Wrestling that was held on January 10thin Connecticut (pics above). They also held a contest for that event- any women that signed up for the site now were entered for a chance to win a date to that event with either the“Thrillride” Jimmy Preston or the “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman.  Another great event they are working with is pictured below.



Be sure to check out Tag Me A Date’s official site if pro wrestling and love are your thing, or if you happen to know someone that would find this suitable for the person they are really trying to find.